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Brook Trout Fishing in Wyoming

Brook Trout Fishing in Wyoming


The brook trout has fascinating green and brown colours on its skin that are. They have dark red hole like round points which are randomly placed on each side of their skin. They also have a red coloured belly and lower fins and the brightness of this colour changes when the fish spawn. The mean length of the brook trout varies around 25 – 65 cm and they usually weigh around 0.3 – 3 kg.


Brook trout is a fish of Salmon family and it is native to eastern North America. This trout prefers clean, clear and cold stream and they feed on water insects as well as other small fishes.  It lives for around 4 – 5 years and they are usually eaten by seabirds. In winter they feed less and they prefer to hide under rocks and fallen trees.The brook trout has been artificially introduced to many lakes and rivers in Wyoming and they are famous for game fishing as well as by anglers who fish for sport and/or fish to eat.

They can be found in shallow cold water streams, rivers, creeks, lakeswhere they have camouflage so that they cover themselves to hide from predators and humans.


Catching a brook trout is very simple as they are highly populated in many rivers, lakes, creeks and streams in Wyoming. They are very commonly fished by anglers who use many different methods. They usually use worms, dry and/or web flies and baits to catch this fish. If you are planning to go for brook trout fishing in Wyoming you should pack a bag of live worms or insects and light gear, and finally hooks.  If you prefer fly fishing then you will have to take a small spinner to catch brook trout.

You will not be searching around for brook trout for a long time as they are available densely.However you will have to make sure that the water you choose to fish for this trout is cold and clear. If you are a new angler you can always hire a professional guide to help you spot the best areas to find brook trout in Wyoming. A final advice would be that in warm weather the brook trout will be swimming lower where it is cooler so you should always bare this in mind.