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Catfish Fishing in West Virginia

Catfish Fishing in West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the greatest places for anglers who are after various types and sizes of catfish. Large catfish can put up a real tough fight and for this reason it attracts many game fish anglers to West Virginia.


The catfish can be found in much different water such as rivers, ponds, streams, lakes and so on. The flat head catfish and channel catfish are highly populated catfish types in West Virginia and they can be found in almost all the waters in the state. A great portion of the large catfish is fished in the large rivers and they are great and tasty for eating. Cheat Lake, Beech Fork Lake, Stonewall Jackson Lake, East Lynn Lake, Mt Storm Lake, and Summerville Lake and many other major lakes are the best places to find catfish in West Virginia. The record for the channel catfish in West Virginia has been set in Patterson Creek and for the flathead record belongs to the Little Kanawha River.



The channel cat fish can be caught in any time of the year ideally spring, autumn and winter except the extremely cold temperatures.  They feed on crawfish and other small fishes and bearing this in mind will be a real help for anglers. As these small fishes are found in varying depths where there are rocks, gravel and other types of coverings anglers who are after catfish should be looking for areas with these specific features because the catfish will be searching for their food around such places.

For flathead cat fish you could use the same areas and additionally you should use baits that have a scent to attract these fishes. Chicken liver would be one of the best baits to use for this catfish.

The catfish generally feed on anything that they can catch and fit in their mouth. They usually feed at the bottom of waters and they use their strongest sense which is smell, to locate their food and this is an important tip for the anglers who are going to fish for catfish.

Overall catfish are great large fishes to be caught by anglers who love game fishing and also by those who just love fishing. There are many different areas to find catfish in West Virginia and always bear in mind that the catfish love waters with slight or moderate current, which is cool and also highly oxygenated waters. If you are after a big catfish herrings are great live baits to use and for smaller ones there are many different bait options to choose from. West Virginia will be offering you an amazing cat fish fishing experience which you will never forget.