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Fishing for Largemouth Bass in West Virginia

Fishing for Largemouth Bass in West Virginia

Largemouth bass is native to North America and it is one of the most frequently used game fish in West Virginia as well as other Northern states. Any water you find in West Virginia is suitable for largemouth bass so you will not be searching around for the places to find this great game fish.


Largemouth bass prefers waters that are slightly stained and/or murky and have very slight or no current. Major lakes of West Virginia such as Beech Fork Lake, Cheat Lake, East Lynn Lake, Mt Storm Lake, Stonewall Jackson Lake, Summerville Lake and Tygart Lake and other small ponds, lakes, rivers and streams are ideal for anglers who are after largemouth bass. The state record for the largemouth bass comes from Dog Run Lake with a 9 pound and 12 oz. weight.


Largemouth bass are able to eat anything they can catch and swallow. With their large mouth, which extends over their eyes they are quite aggressive feeders. They usually eat worms, other small fishes, insects and many similar things.

Fishing for largemouth bass is a real challenge. If you are going to fish in spring you should choose murky waters and using plastic worms, crank baits etc. will enable you to success. Jigs, spinner baits, spoons, pork baits and many other types of bait are alternatives for other seasons. Also the largemouth bass generally moves deep areas during the day. So if you are going to fish in daylight you will have to try deep waters and always be alerted in cold weather because this fish is not very active in cold temperatures and they will move quite slowly towards the food.

Anglers who are after the largemouth bass should find areas with weed beds where they are highly situated. Monongahela is one of the best areas to find weed beds which means that there will also be many largemouth bass.

Overall largemouth bass is one of the mostly fished types of bass in West Virginia. You can use many different techniques and various baits for this fish and as almost every lake, rivers, streams and pond have high populations of largemouth bass it will not be very difficult to start catching some as soon as you start fishing. It will be a great and unforgettable adventure.