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Fishing in Alaska: Northern Pike

Fishing in Alaska: Northern Pike

The Northern Pike is one of the most aggressive fish to be found in Alaskan rivers. It has been known to attack other pike, ducks and even muskrats. In Alaska, you will most likely find northern pike sheltering in weedy parts of rivers, or in shallow and slow moving water. In Alaska, northern pike can grow up to 30 lbs, and can be up to 4 foot in length.

The biggest population of northern pike is situated in the West Coast region, the drainage areas of the Yukon and Tanana rivers, and in Brooks Range. You can go northern pike fishing in Alaska at any time of the year, but the key fishing season is between May and September. The spawning season ends around the middle of June, and from then on you should find pike feeding in most interior lakes and rivers. The record for northern pike is currently 38 pounds, which was caught in the Innoko River in 1991 by one Jack Wagner.

When northern pike fishing in Alaska, you should focus on interior lakes and streams. If fishing in a lake, you will most likely locate the pike in shallow water, while you may locate them close to the bank in a river. When fishing for northern pike, the nature of the bait itself is less important than its behaviour. To get the attention of these fish, you should make lots of fast and jerky movements, and try to stir up the water as much as possible. Northern pike are notorious in Alaska as a result of their very sharp teeth, and you should only use steel or wire lines. Also make sure you keep your fingers well away from their mouths.

If you choose to go northern pike fishing in Alaska during the winter months, you will need to use ice fishing apparatus. The assistance of a local guide is invaluable here, as northern pike can be very difficult to find under the ice in a lake, and you should only aim for lakes where there is a high population of these fish. Some good lakes for northern pike fishing are Wolf Lake, Wien Lake, East Twin Lake, George Lake, Minchumina Lake, Tetlin Lake and Volkmar Lake.

Some good rivers to fish for northern pike in Alaska include Beaver Creek, Dall Creek, Chatanika River, Tanana River, Chena, Minto Flats and Hess Creek.