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Golden Trout Fishing

Golden Trout Fishing


Golden trout is in the same family with the Rainbow trout and it is one of the rarest fish of Salmoniane family.  This fish is Native to Kern River and streams of Sierra Nevada Mountain. However this fish has also been introduced to Wyoming Alpine lakes and it is a great game fish for anglers. If you are a new fisher there are professional guides available in Wyoming to help you with fishing.


The Golden trout has been created beautifully and as its name suggests, it has gold like colour. It has golden belly and ten round blackish marks on which there is a dark red lateral band on each side. Given a native habitat the size of golden fish can be around 15 -30 cm long and can go up to a record of 5 kg. The native habitat and the environment they live in is one of the reasons for their smallness. They live in cold waters where there is not much food and nutrient available for them to feed on, because other fishes feed on the food available leaving not much for the golden trout.


The Sierra Nevada mountain range, Kern plateau is the native habitat of golden trout where they are found in meadows and narrow streams of mountain. This habitat provides the fish with a range of prey such as insects, spiders, worms and many others. They also feed on vegetation as well as other fish eggs.

Due to the feeding problem the golden trout experiences they grow very slow and also the golden trout is very low productive which makes them very rarely populated. The main reason for the low productivity rate is the environment they live in. The long cold winters bring about the feeding problem and for this reason low productivity of this fish is a very common problem.

The increasing temperature of the waters is one of the most important environmental features the golden trout needs, to become productive. At temperatures around 15 – 18 degrees in April and May the golden trout starts spawning.

The golden trout has been introduced to different areas in Wyoming such as Wind River Range and snowy places such as Absoraka and Bighorn.


Fishing for golden trout can be a real challenge as they are rare and cannot be found in any lake, river or stream. Trying to find out where they are located could waste your time. It is not very hard to spot a golden trout due to its physical characteristics and another important fact about this fish is that they are usually found in lakes, rivers, and streams etc. where there is beautiful fascinating scenery like in the Rocky Mountains.

Fly fishing is commonly used to fish for this fish. Due to the low population of the golden trout they are about to become instinct and anglers should catch and release them instead they could fish for other trout such as brook trout.

If you are planning a fishing trip to catch golden trout you will have to pack light equipment such as light spinning or a light fly reel as well as four piece pack rod to help you set up a trap for this fish.