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Largemouth Bass fishing in Alabama

Largemouth Bass fishing in Alabama

The Largemouth Bass is the state fish of Alabama, and can be found all over the state. While the world record Largemouth Bass catch is 22 lbs – 4 oz, the state record in Alabama is 16 lbs – 8 oz.

Southern Alabama has moderate temperatures which encourages the largemouth bass’ growth, as this fish prefers temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Farenheit. There are 77,000 miles of perennial rivers and streams in Alabama, along with the Mobile Delta where the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers meet. There are also 23 Alabama State Public Fishing Lakes, and 47 reservoirs that have an area greater than 500 acres. In total the reservoirs in Alabama span 551,220 acres. You can find largemouth bass in almost all of these rivers, streams and reservoirs.

If you decide to go Largemouth Bass fishing in Alabama during the spring time, it is best to fish in shallow water areas. Plastic worms, spinnerbaits and crankbaits should be effective at this time of year. During the summertime the water temperature rises, especially in the middle of the day. Throughout the morning and in the evening largemouth bass can be found in the shallows, during the hotter part of the day however, they will move into deeper water. The same is true for autumnal fishing. Plastic worms, crankbaits and jigs are good baits to try during the summer, while in autumn crankbaits, spinnerbaits and spoons are preferable. As far as Largemouth Bass fishing in Alabama during the winter is concerned, the bass will move more slowly so do not make your bait too hard to catch. Plastic worms, pork baits and jigs are useful here.

Some of the notable lakes for largemouth bass fishing in Alabama are: Lake Logan Martin, Wilson Lake, Lake Mitchell, Lake Eufaula, Lake Harding, Lake Tuscaloosa, Harris Lake, Dannelly Reservoir, Guntersville Lake, Smith Lake, Lay Lake, Wheeler Lake, Lake Neely Henry, Lake Jordan, Lake Martin, Pickwick Lake, West Point Lake, Lake Woodruff and Lake Weiss.