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Pike Fishing in Wyoming

Pike Fishing in Wyoming


Pike fish is native to North America however they have been artificially implanted by humans in other areas where there are cold and clear lakes available. Pike is a common gaming fish in Wyoming and attracts many anglers who love game fishing and this hard fighter makes game fishing a lot more interesting. In Wyoming they are highly populated in Keyhole Reservoir where a record of 47 inches and almost 28 pound pike fish has been set. Pike generally prefers shallow water where there is vegetation such as weeds are available. Jackson Lake, Lewis Lake, Guernsay Reservoir, Fremont Lake and many other places are ideal for pike fishing in Wyoming.


Pike fish feeds on insects, ducklings, mice, moles, small mammals, newts, water snakes, frogs, and sometimes can be cannibalistic and feed on their own species. They prefer to feed in cool waters in weedy areas where they can also hide. This fish uses its sight sense to feed and this is important information that should always be taken into consideration by the anglers. The young pikes start to feed on small fishes when they reach about 5 – 10 cm in length.


Pikes are generally considered as game fishes however some anglers prefer to catch and release this fish due to their low population and also due to the large amounts of bones. Using dead and/or live baits, insects and lure fishing are ideal for an angler who is looking to catch a pike which is a tough fighter. Also important information for catch and release anglers is that you should always be careful with pikes because they can easily be damaged if not handled properly and with care.

If you decide to fish for pike in Wyoming you will have to find weedy places where these fish are generally found. There are many professional guides available to assist you in the area to fish for pikes.