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Salmon Fishing in Wyoming

Salmon Fishing in Wyoming

Salmon are one of the most famous fish for anglers in Wyoming. The salmon are born in fresh waters and then then migrate to oceans. They are usually found in streams and rivers however they spend a part of the year generally in the oceans. They are one of the toughest game and/or sport fish in Wyoming that challenge many anglers with the tough fight it puts up when gets caught.


Boulder lake, Fremont lake, Fontenelle reservoir, Lake Hattie reservoir and many other lakes and reservoirs are the best places to find salmon in Wyoming. As well as these places the Flaming George Reservoir has set the state record for Salmon.


Salmon are generally present in fresh waters and when tackled they put up a great fight.  The salmon fish usually feed on terrestrial, insects, shrimp, worms, spiders, and eventually as they get older they start to feed on other smaller fishes such as herring and so on. The necessary equipment to catch salmon in Wyoming is same as the other fishes. However the different thing is that salmon are slightly larger than some other fishes and your equipment should be suitable for a large salmon. The main equipment required are as follows; suitable bait, fishing hook, fishing sinker, fishing pole and lines, hip waders and fishing tackle. Also what you should always bear in mind is that the best time to catch salmon in Wyoming is early morning and late afternoon, in other times you should find a shady place which is ideal for salmon fishing in Wyoming. If you are planning on fishing salmon that are about to migrate then summer months generally May, June, July and August are perfectly suitable for you.

Overall if you are one of those anglers who enjoy fishing in quiet fascinating scenery Wyoming would be perfectly ideal for you. There are many lakes and reservoirs you can chose from and also if you are unfamiliar with the area you can easily find a professional guide to help you catch the best salmon ever.