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5 Things to Consider Before You Charter a Fishing Boat

5 Things to Consider Before You Charter a Fishing Boat

It takes years to become an expert angler. If you don’t have that much patience, a fantastic alternative is to charter a fishing boat. With a fishing charter boat, you can bend in that rod at once. But hiring just the right charter boat is the most important thing. Here are things you should consider before you charter a boat.

1. Does the Captain have the Necessary Credentials?

You should ensure that the captain of the charter boat you are planning to hire has certain credentials, like a valid license of US Merchant Marine Officer issued by US Coast Guard, a valid TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card issued by TSA, a valid APCA card (this proves that he is registered with the US Coast Guard random drug testing program), a legitimate driver’s license, a legitimate Vessel Operator Permit Card as issued by the US Department of Commerce, a valid state level Recreational Fishing License and First Aid Certificate and CPR.

A thing to note about the recreational fishing license is many charter captains prefer to have this license in the name of their vessel, which can be accepted. In that case, you can ask how many anglers it covers.

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2. Questions About Vessel

You can also ask questions about the vessel which will carry you in the sea. It is good to know the model, make and year of the vessel, its power system, general running condition, electronics used on it, safety equipment permitted by the US Coast Guard, registration with the state, insurance coverage and its details, whether it has all the permits issued by the (USNOAA) US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Federal Fisheries Permits, and whether the vessel is docked at a paid public marina.

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3. Questions About Fishing

You can talk to your captain beforehand about the fishing you will do. Questions may be like are you permitted to keep all the catch or give some to her/him and the other crew, or release it. All the concerned parties should know in advance what has been decided. In case of disagreement, the matter should be solved prior to the financial transaction against the charter fee; or else, it is difficult to clear the misunderstanding.

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4. Cheapest Need Not Be the Best

You may come across plenty of cheap fishing guides who you may be tempted to hire. However, if you look keenly into their profile, you will know the fact that most of them are not licensed, trained or bonded. If the charter you are planning to hire is incredibly cheap, ask its captain to produce license numbers beforehand and ask for her/his credentials as stated above. Most areas have their guides’ associations; if such a captain is not its member ask why it is so.

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5. Check on the Internet, before Fishing Actually

You can get plenty of knowledge on the internet about various topics and therefore also about fishing. There are many fishing-specific chat rooms where you can see the reviews of previous customers. Important is to take a note if you observe if there is a trend.

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