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Carry A Drink On Your Fishing Trip Without the Stress of Spilling

Carry A Drink On Your Fishing Trip Without the Stress of Spilling

While heading towards your fishing destination, you might essentially be carrying rods, reels, lines, hooks, lures, bobbers and sinkers; but there is something else you need to carry – food and water! While sitting still on the banks of the water body for hours, being unable to move anywhere you need to have your food and water at hand. Naturally, along with the necessary fishing tackle, you need a high-quality container for liquids. But this also carries a risk of spilling and spoiling everything around it. Not anymore! Here’s the Splash Proof Lid for Yeti Rambler Cups!

Splash Proof Lid for Yeti Rambler Cups and Many Other Cups

The Splash Proof Lid is a perfect fit not only for the 30 oz Yeti Rambler Cups, but also for many other cups like SIC Cups, Kuer CorpCups, Tumblers RTIC, and most other 30oz cups. The lid is a product by Tundra Outdoors, a company dedicated to providing only the highest quality products to their clients for years.

The lid will end your leak-mess permanently. While packing things for your fishing trip, you also want to pack water and other liquids like juices, soups, milk, etc so as to get the required energy and hydration, for sitting (or standing) for hours on the bank (or in the current) of the river or lake or even ocean. So, you pack your liquid container in plastic bags etc so that the spillage doesn’t spoil the surround items at least. But henceforth you don’t have to search for thick, strong plastic bags for that purpose. With the spill-proof lids by Tundra Outdoors, you can throw your liquid can in your bag just as it is and it will keep your liquid safe inside the cup, whichever cup it may be!

Find Your Drinks Just As You Want Them Even After Hours

Would you like to enjoy cool milk or hot tea while fishing at a beautiful river or lake? Indeed it’s such a joy to sip a flavorful drink in such a lovely, natural surrounding! But the temperature should be just right – a cool drink should be rightly cool and a hot one should be aptly hot. The spill-proof lid by Tundra Outdoors keeps the temperature of your drink unchanged even after hours and you can enjoy your drink just as you want!

You can even drink the liquid with a straw if you want, as the lid features a sliding closure which keeps the liquid in place and you can drink it from the gap created.

What’s more, the lid being crystal clear shows you the quantity of drink left in the cup without opening the lid.

Other Features

  • Easily washable with hands or dishwasher
  • Shatterproof being made of the highest quality materials
  • 30 days money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty

So, if the lid of your Yeti Cup or any other cup has been misplaced or broken, or you just want to ensure that the liquids you will carry for your fishing trip don’t leak, grab this spill-resistant lid as soon as you can before the product is out of stock!

cup and spill-resistant lid