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Fishing with Kids

Fishing with Kids

Once you get kids, everything changes and this includes your fishing plans as well. Although you have to compromise a lot, there’s no need to give up your favorite outdoor activity! What about involving your kids from the beginning? Take them to your next angling trip, but don’t expect too much, just to introduce them to your favorite hobby. Here are some tips to make this easier for you!

Include them! Kids enjoy feeling as a part of the team. It depends on their age which assignment they should get; give them easier task, but make them absolutely responsible for them. It’s important for children to stay active, so keep them busy. Although fishing should be your primary activity, your first angling trips with kids should include other water activities as well. Include them in planning a trip, too. Give them an opportunity to choose (between several options) where to go and what to do.

Teach your kids new useful skills! Being on the water is a nice starting point for your children to learn about their environment, safety skills, boating etc. Explain them fishing rules and why it is important to follow them. Of course, try to make your lectures fun and stop when you see your child is either bored or too tired to learn. Keep in mind that you cannot teach them everything, you just need to introduce them to new things, to inspire them to learn more and to make them want to come on a fishing trip again!

Don’t forget they are just kids! Even if your children are well raised, responsible and curious, they aren’t grown ups, yet. This means that they cannot stay hungry and thirsty too long, they cannot spend hours catching a fish and they require patience. You should always keep an eye on them, because water sports can be quite dangerous sometimes. Also, make your first fishing trips short and gradually prolong them. If you are fishing in the hot weather, make sure you bring sunscreen, hats and drinking water. Finally, by no means should you forget the snacks! If they become too hungry, your family fishing experience will turn to be a nightmare!