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Tackle Boxes

Tackle BoxWhen choosing a tackle box, you should first gather together all of your tackle and see how much storage space you will need. Tackle boxes are designed to hold all of your small tackle, so you will need to ensure that you invest in a suitable sized carry case. A tackle box should be carefully organised, as each type of tackle should be stored separately from the others. For example hooks will need to be stored in a section of their own, as should lures, reels etc.

Depending on the type of fishing in which you engage, you will have various tackle and therefore various tackle box requirements. If for example you are a fly fisher, you will need to store your flies very carefully so as to prevent them from being damaged. If you have a collection of jigs, spinnerbaits, plastic baits or any other type of lure, you will also want to take good care of these items. If these lures are thrown casually into a box, they will quickly degrade to the point where they are almost unusable. The hooks will become blunt, the tails tattered and the shanks bent. Put simply, if you do not take care of your lures your numbers of catches will decrease rapidly.  When you are on a fishing trip you need your tackle to be instantly to hand, in well organised trays.

Another advantage to having a good tackle box with everything properly stored is that tackle can be quite noisy. If you have a box with hooks, lures, reels etc. thrown casually inside, then they will rattle loudly whenever you move your box. This can potentially be loud enough to disturb any fish that may be in the vicinity. So not only will you have damaged and under-effective tackle, you will also have frightened all of the fish out of the area.

Proper organisation is important on a fishing trip. Small hooks and other items can become mixed up quite easily and you do not want to spend the entire day sorting through your tackle. Therefore a carefully organised tackle box with proper compartments is essential for a recreational angler to get the best from a fishing trip. Sport anglers will already have their tackle primed and ready for any competition, with carefully organised tackle boxes.

Although most items of tackle are quite small, when collected all together they can become very heavy. Therefore anglers should invest in good quality tackle boxes that are both strong and sturdy. Customisable tackle boxes are also a good investment, as you can readjust the various compartments according to your needs. The longer you spend fishing, the more tackle you will acquire, and your collection will grow and change over time. Therefore an adjustable tackle box will be very useful, especially if the compartments are secure and hold your items of tackle securely.

It is a good idea to take your time when choosing a tackle box, so as to make sure your are investing your money wisely,  in a piece of equipment that will last you for many years.