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4 Handy Tricks for Fishing with Lures

4 Handy Tricks for Fishing with Lures

There is a whole sea of information regarding the fact what will help you catch your fish on a certain day. However, there are some of the universal, fail-proof tips that you can use to assure that the fish take the bait you’re offering. From the way you move your lure, to the scent you choose, there are some topics that should be covered in order to assure your success rate. Even the colour of the lure is important! If you read these practical and essential tips, you’ll be more than content that you’ve invested your time into the research.

1) Movement Tests

Lure retrieve is one of the key factors when it comes to fishing. Fish are moody and their reactions will vary from day to day, so there will be times you’ll have to vary the movement and change the time of twitches and pauses because many of them will follow the lure, but won’t bite and your time and effort won’t pay out. Twitch it once or twice more or try a pause here and there and you may as well provoke the fish to strike!

2) Depth

When you opt for a sinking lure, try to change the depth in order to discover where the fish are hiding. There are several different techniques of varying the depth, but the easiest one is to simply count at a steady rate, and as time passes, each time allow the lure to go in deeper. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances to succeed because sooner or later, the fish will take the bait. When that happens, you’ll know the depth. Just keep fishing at that exact depth!

3) Colour of Lures

Which colour of your fishing lures to choose depends on the water you’re fishing in. If you’re in the clear water, use the more natural-coloured ones and if you’re in the murky water, choose brighter ones. If by any chance you choose to use brighter lures in clear water, you risk chasing them away. If it’s a bright day, use lighter colours. If it’s cloudy, start with darker ones, because fish can see them more easily under these conditions.

4) Sharpen Hooks

Ensure you are using sharp hooks. If they are not sharp enough so as to dig into your fingernail, sharpen them with a file.

Hope these tips will help you get a great catch. Good luck!