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Super Easy Handmade Gear for Catching Barbel and Tench

Super Easy Handmade Gear for Catching Barbel and Tench

Have planned to go for barbel or tench fishing? Here are two amazing ways to make gear for the two fantastic fish species.

Easy-to-Make Fishing Rig for Catching Barbel

This barbel fishing rig is super easy to make. It is made of a 10 lb fluorocarbon hook length, 12 lb fluorocarbon main line and a 10 size hook having a hair-rigged boilie.

Fluorocarbon offers two major benefits for your barbel fishing, firstly it is nearly unseen and secondly pins itself on the deck.

It should be added a free-running lead on a leadcore length and a back lead too halted by a leger stop.

It’s important to keep your line pinned down as your barbel shouldn’t brush against it because then it will scare them away.


Lift Method Float Rig for Catching Tench

This conventional lift method float rig is amongst the most helpful methods of catching tench.

To make it properly, ensure that you accurately plumb the depth and then slip the float up the line (from some inches to more than a foot). Next you have to set some bulk shot at the same distance from the hook. It’s so simple to set up the rig. Make use of a Drennan Insert waggler, 6 lb main line, one SSG shot, a 4 lb fluorocarbon hook length and a size 10 hook.

Only ensure that to keep the line tight while fishing.

Bites can be noticed when the float lifts up from the water when a tench bites.

easy to make gear for tench