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Top 7 Tips for Kayak Fishing

Top 7 Tips for Kayak Fishing

It’s a great fun to be on the water in a kayak and find a big catch. But you will have to do some research before buying a kayak and remember some things. If you are a newbie, you can make mistakes right from buying a wrong kayak to equipping it improperly; and even if you are a pro, you may need some tips that will be helpful to you. So, here they are.

1. Fishing Kayak Vs General-purpose Kayak

If you want to use your kayak only for fishing, it’s always better to buy a fishing kayak. It would save a lot of your time and efforts that you may have to devote to converting a general kayak into a fishing kayak. A fishing kayak has customized fishing gear attachment spots and built in recessed rod holders.

But if you want to buy a general kayak and convert it to a fishing vessel as per your own specific requirements, remember to make use of marine grade stainless steel fittings. Also choose A4 grade fittings and not A2 grade ones which are not corrosion resistant. A4 costs double that of A2 but prove to be worth that in the long run.

2. SOT (Sit-On-Top) Vs SINK (Sit-In Kayak)

For saltwater fishing, a SOT is your best bet because it can hold the required gear and are more convenient to get back to if you fall off. They are also less expensive than SINKs.

3. Check Before Buying

Don’t believe in your eyes; test paddle the kayak prior to purchasing it. You can always take help of reviews like that of where you can read about the best fishing kayak under 500. But the final decision should be taken after you check it yourself.

4. Color

Choosing a color of your kayak has nothing to do with fashion; the color should be such that it would increase the visibility of the kayak while it is in the sea. So, colors like red, orange or yellow are good. Blue and grey are the least visible and white is typically invisible when the sea becomes choppy.

5. Choosing Paddles

Good paddles are the ones that have asymmetric blades and not standard or white-water paddles. You can spend as much as possible on paddles because the high quality hi-tech and lightweight paddles will give you less fatigue.

Don’t forget to buy a paddle leash that will keep the paddle attached to the vessel, so that if you fall off, you can hold the leash and stay attached to the kayak.

6. Which Braid Lines to Choose?

For kayak fishing, braid lines that are strong, thin and non-stretch are perfect. They would not only let you cast further and bring more action into your lures, they will also enable you to use lighter sinkers while bait-fishing. With that said, bait-fishing may become a messy affair while kayak fishing, and the first mess is that you should purchase or collect it. So, better drop the idea altogether and go for lures.

7. Safety Tips

  • Saltwater can corrode your stuff easily; so, rinse your gear well in fresh water after every kayak fishing trip. After rinsing, let the gear dry and then spray with a water-repellent lubricant.
  • UV, which is abundant out there on the sea, is bad for you as well as your kayak. While when you are using your kayak, you cannot protect it; but you can keep it in the shade when not in use. And for the safety of yourself, you should use a wide-brimmed hat and a good sunscreen.
  • Use a trolley for moving your kayak around shore for saving the bottom of your kayak and your back too.

Use these tips for enjoying the best of kayak fishing! Visit for the most comprehensive reviews of kayaks to make an informed decision.