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4 Essential Things to Remember while Choosing Fly Fishing Apparel for Men

4 Essential Things to Remember while Choosing Fly Fishing Apparel for Men

Fly fishing is a great activity and more and more people are getting attracted to it. As anglers want to learn about fly fishing, so many tips emerge every now and then around the Web, but not much of them are about what to ‘wear’ on a fly fishing adventure. Here are a few tips regarding this.

1. What Should Be Your Dress?

Fly fishing apparel for men is actually a very important point to consider and should be carefully chosen before starting the fishing trip. If your area has a weather that can change suddenly, it’s important to wear the right clothing when you are fly fishing. Expert fly-fishers recommend wearing lightweight, quick-drying clothing and carrying extra layers too. Here are a few suggestions.

Fly Fishing Vests

Fly fishing usually involves wading through fast-paced water and trekking along the riverbank or shore. Although a tackle box is of great use when you’re fishing from the boat or on the dock, it’s just not useful when you are on the move. Here you’ll need a secure on-stream carry-all vest with which you can have everything within your reach.

Top Layers

Experts recommend shirts that are lightweight, profoundly vented and made from fabrics that have a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of more than 30. Look for features such as zippered front pockets and convertible sleeves for extra convenience. For added warmth, carry an all-weather, stormproof jacket for disruptive wintertime fishing or a 3-season fleece or woolen jacket for mild conditions.

Bottom Layers

Quick-drying, lightweight pants with a lot of pockets are an essential part of fly fishing apparel for men. Make sure you avoid hefty features that may heap up under your waders. For severe weather conditions and added warmth in cool temperatures, make sure you wear a wool or fleece first layer.

Fishing Hat

A wide-brimmed hat will save your head from sun’s heat.


Waders made from multiple layers of fully waterproof material will save you from keeping water totally out. Neoprene booties and micro fleece pockets will keep you warm whereas built-in gravel guards will prolong the life of your waders.

fly fishing apparel for men

2. Wading Soles

In order to get the best wading soles for you, think on what kind of fishing you’d be doing and where you’d like to fish. Do you love to fish in water bodies with mossy rocks? Or do you mostly fish in spring creeks that have sandy bottoms? Perhaps you never go out of the sanctuary of your drift boat or perhaps you fish small streams that need plenty of hiking to reach.

Some experts prefer felt soles because you can get in a raft or boat with them, hike with them and you won’t endanger yourself with them on the moss-laden rocks.

Experts further say that no matter which wading boots anglers find to suit their needs the most, all of them can and will carry invasive species; hence, you should always clean your gear and should prevent the spread of invasive species.

3. Clothing Technology

As fly-fishing-specific clothing is evolving, expert fly fishing enthusiasts recommend investing in a couple of high-performance technologies as you’ll be shopping for new fly fishing apparel for men.

UV Resistant

UV resistant fabrics have been developed by some companies that work even better than sunscreen. When you go for fly fishing, you are sure to face harsh sunlight which may harm your skin due to its UV ray content. In such a condition, UV resistant clothes can protect you. There are neck gaiters, pants, gloves and shirts with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 30+. This UPF doesn’t get washed away and does its job even if it’s wet.

Insect Repellent

Insect repellent clothes have also been designed by fly fishing companies that eliminates the need of spraying toxic chemical bug sprays. Clothing manufacturers have taken inspiration from nature and designed a synthetic repellent that simulates the bug-repelling properties given off by chrysanthemum flowers. So, you can now have a non-toxic safe alternative to bug sprays.

4. Sunglasses

While a sunny day is a great opportunity for any angler, sun’s glare reflecting from water is very dangerous for your eyes and hence you should essentially choose the right pair of polarized sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare because the horizontal filter in these glasses eliminates the glare making you see better and keep your vision sharp, which will help in catching fish. In addition, all anglers require eye protection when the fly is whizzing by their eyes at a speed of 70 miles per hour.

A great quality of polarized sunglasses is that they also enable you to peer below the water’s surface into the world of fish and see where they are hiding or searching food. Thus they directly help you in deciding where to cast your line and catch fish.

5. Fly Fishing Checklist

It’s easy if you remember a certain number of things when you go on your fly fishing trip. So, along with wearing fly fishing apparel for men, you have to remember to carry these 4 things:

  1. Sundries: sunscreen, lip balm, snacks, bug juice
  2. Stream filter or water-hydration pack
  3. Polarized sunglasses
  4. Magnifying glasses if you are more than 45 and a rack of PBR if you are less than 45

Follow these tips and be cool and comfortable all through the day on your fly fishing adventure.