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Foods to Keep You Fresh on a Day-long Fishing Trip

Foods to Keep You Fresh on a Day-long Fishing Trip

Fishing is an extremely restful activity. But if you are going to spend an entire day on water, you may feel exhausted and need to carry refreshments with you that will keep you energetic all day long. In that case, you better carry some readymade food from a high quality online food supplier like Festkongen who have all kinds of healthy as well as tasty combinations of food, that can keep you invigorated and make your day enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for you about what type of food you should carry while going on a day-long angling expedition.

Protein-rich Breakfast

Most anglers prefer the morning time to start fishing, because this is the time when there are high chances for fish to bite. And starting early means you tend to forget breakfast. In that case, a protein-rich fishing breakfast can be a container full of egg salad, wrapped in a tortilla while serving. Divide it in batches and place it in cooler so that you can eat it any time you want.

Trail Mix

Any outdoor activity cannot be complete without a healthy mix of dry fruits and nuts. You can buy trail mix, but still healthier it is when you make it yourself. Some additions recommended are coconut flakes, cranberries, licorice bites, chocolate chips, dried bananas, sunflower seeds and popcorns.


Beef or any other type of jerky is a must-carry food item while going on a fishing trip. If you don’t want to go for jerky, you can apply your own meaty ideas like Vienna sausages, pepperoni slices or summer sausages.

Vegetables and Dip

While you don’t think on carrying vegetables on a fishing trip in the first place, they are indeed a great food option to keep you fresh for the whole day, as a break from sweet and savory. You can take a mix of slices of carrots, cucumber, bell paper, celery etc. Carry your choice of dip for serving.

Other healthy alternatives are sandwiches, cookies, crackers, and many more. They will add to your joy of fishing as you will feel refreshed because of them.