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My Super Successful Largemouth Bass Charter Trip in Orlando, Florida

My Super Successful Largemouth Bass Charter Trip in Orlando, Florida

If you’re an avid angler that has fished almost all over the USA, have you tried the largemouth bass charter trip in Orlando, Florida? If you haven’t yet, I must say you’ve missed a great enjoyment of life, and of course, you should try it as soon as you get the chance to. I have experienced it and I cannot resist the temptation of telling you how beautiful it was.

Hello, my name is Lisa Hopper. I work as a manager in a private company in Atlanta and go fishing whenever I can. I had heard a lot about the largemouth bass charter trip in Florida but never had an opportunity to visit the Sunshine State and meet the largies. But fortunately when I was asking around for a piece of advice, my friend Gwen advised me to book a bass charter trip by Captain Tim at Florida bass charter. Immediately I visited his website and asked a lot of questions to the captain. He replied to all my queries not only patiently but happily, and guaranteed me of a wonderful experience.

Bass charter trip

So far, I had only fished privately, sometimes alone and sometimes with family or friends. The Florida bass fishing charter was to be my first experience of charter fishing, and honestly, I was a little bewildered and skeptical about how the trip would be. But I am now excited to share the delightful experience and consider myself lucky to have such an unforgettable trip. Captain Tim is a great person, cheerful, caring and a perfect team leader and guide. He is a USCG approved captain and knows how to handle a variety of situations without getting confused or chaotic. After all, what else do you expect when you set out on the open waters to fight with a lively, bouncing, huge fish but a person who is always there for you?

Captain Tim, Orlando bass charter guide

Largemouth Bass of Florida

I’d also like to say a few words about the Floridian largemouth bass. I had never encountered with this magnificent creature before and when I met with it on my Orlando Florida bass charter trip, I fell in love with it. A fully grown bass can even be around 30 inches in length and weigh around 18 pounds, sometimes even 20 plus pounds for a world record.

It’s particularly exciting to catch this fish because it gives a tough fight for its life, and surely you need an expert like Captain Tim to guide you for hooking one. Otherwise it may even escape the hook, especially of an amateurish person like me. No wonder, after the tough fight, catching the biggie was a matter of ultimate satisfaction.

Florida bass fishing charter

Setting Out for the Adventure

As such, Florida is full of lakes and trophy largemouth bass are available almost year around. Also, Captain Tim takes bass fishing charter trips on all these lakes. But he advised me to take the trip to Lake Tohopekaliga, popularly known as Lake Toho as this has long been renowned as one of the best largemouth bass fisheries of Florida.

The best thing about Captain Tim’s Florida bass fishing charter trips is that they are fully transparent. There are no hidden costs to trouble you. You have the liberty to choose a certified captain and you can even see his captains’ licences. So, you can make sure you are in safe hands and set out on the adventure with a great peace of mind, worrying only about how to encounter the largie.

Orlando Florida bass charter trip

All the captains in Captain Tim’s team are first-rate and have excellent knowledge of the waters and the fish. They take the trips to most Floridian lakes for some over 250 days a year and specialize in certain lakes. So, you can be absolutely sure of your safety and enjoyment. Their wild shiner trips come with a money back guarantee if you don’t catch a fish.

They also help you to get your Fishing Licence before you start your bass charter trip because you need one for freshwater fishing, although for saltwater fishing, it’s not necessary.

Florida fishing charter

When I returned from the trip, I heard many horror stories of Florida fishing charter services which rob people of their money, provide poor equipment and services, and give an overall horrible experience. Many people who had been on such fraud trips congratulated me for being so fortunate and enjoying the trip. I really should thank Captain Tim for being so honest, transparent and trustworthy. Not to mention, I recommended him to all those people if they would want a pleasant experience of an Orlando bass charter trip.

Orlando bass charter trip

How I Caught My First Largemouth Bass

Captain Tim explained to me that if I want the real thrill of catching a trophy largemouth bass, I should try luring one to its bait as you can actually see the ferocity in its eyes and experience the vigor in the fight which makes the hunt exciting.

He also told me that the real fun of the hunt lies in choosing the right lures and baits for this mighty fish. I must say that he is a perfect Orlando bass charter guide as he also trained me on how to choose lures. I learned that topwater lures are more fun since they allow you to witness the nabbing action, right from the fish rising on top of the water for the bait to how it struggles to get freed from the hook.

Florida Bass Charter

So, I chose topwater frogs as largemouth bass can view the topwater frogs from far and its urge to grab the prey grows every inch it progresses towards the bait. It was seen that my choice was right because just after I laid the bait, I saw a significantly large bass eyeing and chasing it. I was super excited as it got trapped in the hook and started to get freed. But finally with the help of our captain, I managed to hook it in and took it in my arms. It was a proud moment for me!

Can you imagine, I caught 8 big largemouth bass that day! 5 of them weighed around 5 pounds each, 3 weighed around 4 pounds each and 2 weighed around 8 pounds. What a fruitful (fishful) trip! Other people also got a great catch.

bass fishing charter

I have already planned to spend the next season in Orlando on one of Captain Tim’s bass fishing charter trips. I suggest you should have this awesome experience at least once in life, and then you’d want to have it again and again.

Author: Lisa Hopper