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iBoating Marine Navigation App for a Flawless Fishing Experience

iBoating Marine Navigation App for a Flawless Fishing Experience

Thanks to new technological advances, everything is becoming better and better. Fishing is also not an exception. Thoughts are given every day as to how fishing experience can be improved and among these, how a perfect fishing location can be found is a major one. Along these lines, the new iBoating marine navigation app is of tremendous use to get offline maps and charts to find exact fishing locations!

iBoating App

iBoating app is compliant to iPhone and iPad, Windows 8 phone, laptop and tablet, Android phone and tablet, and Blackberry phone and tablet. Thus, any device you use, you can conveniently use iBoating marine navigation app to find your ways towards the best catch!

Outstanding Features

Wide Coverage: iBoating app includes the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and will soon be adding other regions too.

HD Contours: The app offer 1 ft bathymetry for more than 5,000 lakes in the US. Because of this, you can easily identify those holes and humps, and accordingly plan a route for fishing.

Easy Switching: You can easily switch between Street Maps, Background Maps, USGS Satellite Imagery and more. This will help you to get an idea of the streets and terrain of nearby area.

Easy Measurement of Depth: You can change the unit of depth to fathom, feet or meter, as per your convenience of understanding. By default, all depth areas, soundings and depth contours are given in feet, but you can change them to meters or fathom.

Rotate Maps: You can rotate maps with the regular touch or with your mouse.

Tilt Maps: And you can also take a bird’s eye view of the terrain by tilting the maps!

Distance Bearing Tool

Display of Latitude and Longitude under cross hairs

Use all your favorite charts offline by downloading them directly to your device. View your boat’s location on the chart. And you can also form Custom Waypoints for routing yourself.

Now you need not worry of getting lost on the sea or not getting a catch you desired! iBoating app will help you in multiple ways. Visit their site to know more about this amazing app and download it to enjoy a flawless fishing experience.

iBoating gmarine navigation app