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Float Tube Fishing

Float Tube FishingFloat Tube Fishing is a popular and fun way to enjoy recreational and sport fishing. While not being as expensive as a boat, a float tube can also allow you to reach certain ponds, lakes and streams where there may not be any easy access for boats.

There are a wide variety of float tubes available today. The original design was the round float tube. This is basically an inflatable rubber doughnut, which acts as a flotation device. The angler sits inside the tube, and can float in the middle of the water while fishing. The design of this craft means that it cannot be easily manoeuvred and it is unstable in fast flowing water. The round float tube is therefore recommended for use in still water only. As this is the simplest form of float tube on the market, the round float tube is also typically the cheapest. When round float tube fishing it is important to remember that your overall visibility will be reduced as you are sitting quite low in the water. You will also only be able to fish in completely still water.

Other variations on the float tube include the U or V float tubes. These have a more contoured shape, along with an open front. This means that the angler can literally sit into these flotation devices, which often resemble inflatable armchairs. Many of these float tubes come with reinforced backs and storage pockets. The angler, who usually wears flippers or other devices such as duck fins or paddle pushers, then propels and manoeuvres the float tube by paddling through the water. In these craft visibility is improved as the angler is positioned slightly higher than in a round float tube. It is also possible to steer and position these float tubes without generating much turbulence or noise and thereby startling the fish in the area. More sophisticated float tubes are also available, such as pontoons and cats, which can also be purchased in two man versions.

fishing1How to fish using a float tube:

When fishing with a float tube, you should be careful how you launch your craft. If there is a boat ramp or dock available you should take advantage of it, otherwise slide your float tube into the water until it is at a depth of about waist height. Then ease yourself into your float tube and strap yourself into it. You should already have your boot fins or flippers attached. When using a float tube for the first time, it is a good idea to practise with it first before trying any fishing. After a short amount of practise you should be able to propel and manoeuvre it easily.

As you are working your way out to whatever spot on the lake you have chosen to fish in, you can try your luck with trolling. The most important thing to remember when float tube fishing is that stealth is the key. You do not want to arrive too noisily over the fishing hole, or be disruptive in any fashion. Therefore it is usually best to have all of your equipment prepped before you set off, so that you will not be fidgeting with hooks and lures while sitting on top of the fish. Similarly, it is not a good idea to kick your way quickly into the area, rather slow down and gradually glide in. It also best to begin casting towards the edges of the hole as you approach it, to possibly pick up some fish that may be lurking on the fringes.

The techniques involved in float tube fishing are similar to any other fishing from boats. The greatest difference is that you are literally sitting in the water and are only slightly above the level of the fish. This can lead to some fun experiences ‘landing’ your catches, and in this way float tube fishing provides a unique and appealing fishing experience.