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Eyoyo EF07 Pro Underwater Fishing Camera – A Must-Have for Any Angler

Eyoyo EF07 Pro Underwater Fishing Camera – A Must-Have for Any Angler

There is no doubt that angling is a lot of fun. But sometimes the uncertainty involved is irritating. It doesn’t end even with sonar. What if the uncertainty doesn’t exist any longer? Yes, you can achieve it with an underwater fishing camera. Such a camera can show you everything under the surface of water or ice including the fish species and size, the lake bottom, how your bait is doing, how the fish is reacting to it and so on. All in all, guesswork is totally eliminated with an underwater fishing camera.

But with so many of them available on the market, which one would you choose? Well, when it comes to choosing the best fishing camera, you should certainly consider the Eyoyo EF07 Pro. You may ask me why. So, let me explain it here.

Far Improved Visibility with Infrared and White LEDs

The Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera features as many as 12 infrared LEDs and 12 white LEDs for improved visibility under the water or ice, even in deep sea. This is especially useful at night as nightfall is considered to be the best time for getting a great catch. Infrared is invisible to humans as well as fish, so it doesn’t spook fish. Plus, the Eyoyo EF07 Pro has white LEDs too which adds to the visibility further. You get a choice to select the lights according to the environment. The lights can even be turned off whenever not required.

Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera features

Excellent Image Quality with 7” Screen

The Eyoyo EF07 Pro comes with a 7” color TFT LCD monitor which offers a big clear image.

Wide Angle

The Eyoyo EF07 Pro provides a viewing angle as wide as 92°.

High Definition Camera with 1000TVLs

The more the TV lines, the higher is the resolution of the camera. So, you can imagine that with a program chip with as many as 1000 TV lines, the Eyoyo EF07 Pro offers an image with super high resolution, so that you can see fishes ultra-clearly even in the dark environment.

Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera wide angle

Removable Sun Visor

When there is bright light, images may be too bright and thus unclear, and even worse, the screen may be damaged. The Eyoyo EF07 Pro has a great solution when the environment is too bright. It has a sun visor which protects the monitor from strong sunshine and helps give you a clear image. You can use or remove it whenever you want.

High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

One of the best features of the Eyoyo EF07 Pro is its high-power 4500mAh Lithium battery which is rechargeable. It works for 6 to 8 hours. You can also use it for switching and controlling the Infrared and White LEDs. The prolonged battery life offers hindrance-free angling sessions which are more enjoyable.

Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera package

Easily Portable Waterproof Aluminum Case

Since the Eyoyo EF07 Pro is enclosed in a strong, waterproof aluminum case, you don’t need to worry about if your pricey investment would get damaged due to rain or snow. The camera will work in rainy or snowy conditions just as efficiently as it would in dry environment. This case is easily portable, has a portable handle and convenient lock.

Special Long, Cold-resistant, Waterproof and Anti-pressing Cable

The cable of the Eyoyo EF07 Pro is 30 m (98 ft.) thus long enough to reach even the deep sea. It’s waterproof, cold-resistant and anti-pressing; so, you can freely use it for the cold environment of ice fishing.

multipurpose Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera

The wonderful Eyoyo EF07 Pro underwater fishing camera is thus a must-have for an angler because it can be used in multiple situations like lake fishing, deep sea fishing and ice fishing, in day as well as at night. It offers you excellent image of what’s going on below the surface of water and eliminates guesswork to make your day fruitful and give you a great catch. So, when are you going to buy the Eyoyo EF07 Pro?