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ColoradoFishing in Colorado

fishing1About Colorado

This state covers most of the southern Rocky Mountains and much of the Great Plains including the Colorado Plateau. Nicknamed the Centennial State because it was brought into the union in the year 1876 Colorado is a state full of historical significance. Colorado Connects at one point with the states of New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona in an area known as the “Four Corners”. This is a unusual occurrence here in the USA. Though mostly known for its beautiful landscapes of Majestic Mountains, plains and mesas it is also a great place to fish. That is in part due to the fact that there is a lot of nutrient rich water flowing from the mountain peaks. All thirty of the highest peaks in the country are found in the Colorado Rockies. The largest part of the population of Colorado can be found along the eastern border. This is where you find the cities Pueblo, Cheyenne and Wyoming. Denver is located in the South Platte High Plains just east of the Front Range of the Rockies. The only other populated areas are Grand Junction and Durango both are in the western part of the state. Fishing in Colorado is plentiful despite its being a very dry state.


The eastern plain cities enjoy almost arid conditions the humidity is very low and it has only moderate rainfall. The east has a lot of sunshine and the cool clear nights of song and legend. Seventy-five percent of the annual rainfall happens between the months of April and September. This is considered a area at high risk for drought. Even with this designation the plains still sometimes experience flood conditions as the rainfall mixes with the melting snow from the peaks of the Rockies. The fishing in Colorado seems to be good for just these reasons.

Colorado Fishing

Bodies of Waterfishing1

The state of Colorado has over 4,084 lakes and other bodies of water to fish. Steamboat Lake is a reservoir made in the 1960’s and it is one of the best locations for fishing in Colorado. You can even go ice fishing in Colorado on the same lake. The main fishing rivers are the Colorado, Crystal, Frying Pan, and Roaring fork these are all in Aspen. The Denver area has South Platte River, Boxwood Gulch and Clear Creek. The lakes are extensive in this area and a great site for more information is There are bonafide Gold Medal Lakes in Colorado the best ones are:

Rivers                                                                          Lakes

Crystal                                                        Glenwood springs (on the Rio Grande)

Frying Pan                                                  Blue River (below the Dillon Reservoir)

Roaring fork                                               Steamboat Lake

Gunnison River

fishing1Species of Fish

While fishing in Colorado you will encounter a variety of fish. There are over 80 named species in the over 2,00 lakes and 6,00 miles of rivers and streams. The fish are both of the warm and cold-blooded variety. Here is a list of some of the most prevalent:

Black Bullhead Brown Trout Fresh Water Drum
Black Crappie Carp Flathead Catfish
Blue Catfish Cutbow Trout Grayling
Blue Gill Channel Catfish Green Sunfish
Brook Trout Cut Throat Trout Kokanee
Lake Trout Sauger Walleye
Large Mouth Bass Saueye White Bass
Longnose Sucker Splake White Sucker
Northern Pike Tiger Muskie Wiper
Rainbow Trout Yellow Perch



Licenses, Permits and Stamps

You can fish in these waters without a license only once a year. This occurs on the first full weekend in June. To legally go fishing in Colorado any person 16 and over needs a state issued license. Here is a brief snap shot of what the types and fees are:

Residents Non-residents
Annual 26.00 56.00
Combination 41.00 N/A
Senior annual free N/A

(seniors must pay a 1.00 surcharge for rescue and search and the PEAC)

5- day pass N/A 21.00
1- day pass 9.00 9.00
2nd Rod Stamp 5.00 5.00

There is also an additional fee of 5.00 to be added to all prices for a habitat stamp. For information and complete pricing and rules go to


Using the long rod seems to work best in these waters. You will want to have a few spinners on hand as well. The trout here seem especially fond of the panther marlin. A must have for fishing in Colorado is the Mepps spinner the gold tone and clanging beads seem to really activate the aggressive behavior and you are sure to get plenty of bites.