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District of Columbia

ColumbiaFishing in D.C.

fishing1About the District of Columbia

Most commonly referred to as Washington D.C and the Capital of the U.S.A and the seat of its federal Government. The city of Washington had its own separate municipality until an act of congress solidified the district. That is why it is now called Washington D.C. The metro area has a population just 5.4 million in all and only 600,000 of those are residents. That is quite a lot of people on so small a landmass. The District of Columbia covers only 68.3 square miles and 6.9% of that is water. The three major natural water sources in the DC area are the Potomac, the Anacostia River and round creek. These rivers and their tributaries make for some good fishing in DC. The US Park service manages most of the natural lands and habitats in D.C. Besides being the most political city in the united states it is also home to a few summer festivals and is close to several theme and water parks. The arboretum is always a favorite and no visit to DC would be complete without a stroll along the mall. The District of Columbia is also home to no less than five major men’s sporting organizations. These are the Wizards of the NBA, the Capitals of the NH, Major League Baseballs the Washington Nationals, and the DC United Soccer team and of course the Washington Redskins Football team. Your trip to go fishing in DC can be fun for the whole family.


D.C is in a subtropical climate zone. It gets all four seasons distinctively. Spring and Fall are warm and the winter is cool and has an annual snowfall of about 14.7 inches with temperature averaging 38 degrees. Blizzards hit the area at least once every four to six years. Summers are generally hot and humid in all of the areas.

 Columbia Fishing

fishing1Bodies of Water

The District of Columbia has only 14 lakes and three major rivers. The fourteen lakes and Creeks are said to house over 90 species of fish but only a few of them are game fish. The list of lakes is as follows:

Lakes                                                                  Rivers

Anacostia                                                           Potomac
Babcock Lakes                                                   Round Creek
Brightwood Reservoir                                       Rock Creek
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Carp Pond
First High Reservoir
George Town Reservoir
High Service Reservoir
Kingman Lake
Macmillan Reservoir
Reflecting Pool
Reno Reservoir
16th Street Reservoir
Wisconsin Avenue Reservoir

Rock Creek Park is also a favorite place for people to go fishing in DC. This creek flows from Maryland alongside the Potomac and has 9 miles to traverse through this park.

fishing1Species Information

There are really only three main freshwater game fish to be caught in the DC area. If you are fishing in DC you are most likely doing some Bass fishing as this the most prevalent species. There are large and small mouth bass in the Potomac. And Rock creek is a favorite for Bass. The Bass is a very aggressive feeder and it is usually best to go after them when they are in a feeding frenzy. But they are also fiercely territorial and will strike at anything in the vicinity. They prefer areas of limited current activity any of the area waters be a good place to go Bass fishing in DC as they are well traveled here.

Sunfish are also in these waters, the most predominate of them are the bluegill. The problem with these fish is that they are prolific breeders and they generally are running small in this area due to over population. There are also a few who spend time fishing in DC for the creel.

fishing1Licenses, Permits and Stamps

The purchase of a fishing license allows you to take part in the protection of the sport you love. While fishing in DC a license is required for all anglers 16 years and above. In 2007 the DC area experienced their first rate hike in license fees in 20 years.

Residents                                                                                10.00

Non-residents                                                                        13.00

14-day temporary                                                                   6.50


This is just a partial of the most important fees for full fees and regulation for more information visit