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welcome to idahoFishing in Idaho

Fishing in Idaho is an unforgettable experience because of its more than 10 world-class blue-ribbon wild trout streams, many other high-quality trout streams which has not gained much of fame yet, more than 1,500 high mountain big natural lakes and reservoirs, providing wide variety of fishing for warm and cold-water species. Unlike many other states, Idaho fishing waters are situated in the public domain and are open to public with a free access. Plus, Fish and Game has developed Family Fishing Water regulations, in which there are year-round seasons, a normal six-fish limit for trout, walleye, bass and pike and no bag limit for other species; so also no length limits or tackle requirements. What’s more, Idaho is the only inland western state with ocean-run steelhead and salmon, which offer exciting fishing experience.



Here are 10 hottest fishing destinations in the Gem State.

1.   Clearwater River: This us a river in north-central Idaho, that flows from the Idaho-Montana border westward, and joins the Snake River at Lewiston. It is the largest tributary of the Snake River, and gives the best fly fishing in Idaho for steelheads during the 1st two weeks of October. The main attraction is the spey rod fishing for very large “B” strain steelhead, which are some of the largest in the world. The Dworshak National Fish Hatchery here is the largest steelhead hatchery in the world. Other fish species found are smallmouth bass, rainbows, cutthroats and Chinook.

2.   Coeur D’Alene Lake: This lake extends southward from the Coeur D’Alene city about 30 miles. It gains most of its water from the Coeur D’Alene River, St. Joe River and St. Maries Rivers, and its outlet is the Spokane River, a tributary of the River Columbia. The lake offers a wide variety of fishes like largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, northern pike, black crappie, channel catfish, yellow perch, kokanee and Chinook salmon, lake trout, and redear and pumpkinseed sunfish.

3.   Snake River: This is a major tributary of the Columbia River. Its length is 1,040 miles. If you want to fly fish in the Snake River Valley, be ready to explore great lengths to find the abodes of browns, rainbows and cutthroats. You will thoroughly enjoy it. You can also do excellent fishing of smallmouth bass, channel catfish and white sturgeon from early summer to fall.

4.   Bear Lake: Located in the Fish Haven, Idaho, this lake is often referred to as “Carribean of the Rockies” for its turquoise blue water. Bear Lake State Park is situated in a high mountain valley in the extreme southeast of Idaho. It is half in Idaho and half in Utah. The lake is the only place in the world where you will find Bonneville cisco! Other prime fishery is for cutthroat and lake trout, carp, green sunfish, and lake and Bonneville whitefish.

5.   Brown Lee Reservoir: Located about 20 miles northwest of Cambridge, this is the uppermost reservoir of the Hells Canyon complex, which is a series of the three power dams built on Snake River. It is the largest, covering 15,000 acres and 58 miles long. Since it is the border between Oregon and Idaho, you can use the license of either of the state for fishing here, unless you don’t fish from shore. This is the most heavily fished waters in the state. It has produced four state record gamefish, the flathead, bullhead, and black and white crappie. Plus perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill and stocked rainbows make it one of the most diverse fishing in Idaho.

6.   Cascade Reservoir: This reservoir is on the North Fork Payette River. It is a large water, nearly 30,000 acres and offers excellent fishing which ranges from rainbow trout and coho salmon to a few kokanee and warm water species like smallmouth, bullhead and channel catfish, crappie and perch especially.

7.   Salmon River: This river is also known as the River of No Return. It runs 425 miles through central Idaho. It is the second largest tributary of the Snake River. Steelhead trout and kokanee and Chinook salmon are the prime fishes here.

8.   Priest Lake: Located in the Nordman, Idaho, Priest Lake with its breathtaking scenery and peaceful and unhurried atmosphere, offers a premier fishing in Idaho. The area offers a wide variety of experience to anglers ranging from trophy size Mackinaw to cutthroat fishing in the nearby alpine lakes, to brooks in the several streams in the Priest basin, to catch-and-release fishing for westslope cutthroat in the Upper Priest lake, to excellent ice fishing on the Cavanaugh Bay.

9.   Silver Creek: Located in the Ketchum, the creek is the crown jewel of western spring creeks. You will come to know that fishing in Silver Creek is an outstanding experience, as its many levels will teach you more about fly fishing. The major species are rainbow, brook and brown trout.

10.  Magic Reservoir: Situated about 18 miles north of Shoshone, this 3,700-acre reservoir offers some of southern Idaho’s best fishing. The fishing is available year-round with ice-fishing in winter. Major fishery is of brown and steelhead trout and yellow perch.

Fishing in Idaho is a wonderful experience, because there are more water wonders for fishing in the Gem State. Don’t miss it if opportunity comes!