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On this site you will find just about everything you need to know about fishing in the United States of America. While previously anglers had to trawl the internet in search of reliable and detailed fishing information, you can now find it all here in one place. This site is set to become the best and most informative fishing sites in the world, and is a valuable resource for both amateur and experienced anglers. Dedicated to experienced and beginner anglers, you will find information of fishing basics, such as casting, choosing hooks and choosing line, as well as more detailed information on particular fishing techniques.

The USA is a vast country, with a wide variety of ecosystems and climates. This means that there is a huge variety in the species of fish available inland and along the coast, but it can also make things very confusing, especially for novice anglers. If you’re not sure what to fish for, or what species of fish you can expect to find in a particular state, then this site can provide you with the information you need. Here you can access lists of the most popular fish species in each state. You will find specific information on the top game fish for each one of the fifty states, including the best fishing locations for each of the listed species within the state, as well as seasonal information. There are also recommendations on bait selection and technique, along with choice of tackle.

This site is divided into numerous sections, each focussing on important aspects of recreational angling. Do you know your jigging from your trolling? If not, we can help you out. On this site you will find a section on common fishing techniques, where different approaches to fishing are examined and explained. For example, you will find articles here on fly fishing, rock fishing, surf fishing and other fishing techniques, which provide a basic introduction to these techniques and list some of the equipment involved with each one. Many anglers quickly find a particular technique that suits their environment or the type of fish they wish to catch, and then tend to stick with that approach. However even experienced anglers can discover new techniques that may be an improvement on their existing method. For example kayak fishing is a lesser known but rapidly spreading fishing technique.

Don’t know your snapper from your grouper? Learn to recognise different fish species using the information posted on this site. All of the most popular species in the USA are covered, with information on appearance, geographical distribution, feeding and breeding habits. What to do when you have followed all of this advice and caught some tasty-looking fish? We also have a selection of fish recipes – delicious dishes that are simple to make, and which will really whet your appetite. Fish is one of the most healthy and beneficial foods you can eat, so being able to take advantage of your hobby by turning it into a nutritious and mouth-watering meal is a real bonus!

Of course no comprehensive fishing site would be complete without a section on fishing tackle. Here you will find information on fishing rods, fishing reels, hooks, bait and sinkers. If you are a novice angler, having some good background information and a basic understanding of various types of tackle will help when you are buying your first equipment. There is a surprising amount of components to a standard fishing rig, which can be confusing when you are starting out. This site will also have up-to-date tackle reviews on the blog, providing you with feedback on the latest, most revolutionary equipment.