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Fish Species

fish species

The various fish species in the United States can be divided into four main groups. Firstly there is the most logical divide, that between freshwater and saltwater fish. Then these two groups can be further subdivided into Large Game Fish and Small Game Fish, otherwise known as panfish. Large Game Fish include such fish species as tuna, salmon, trout, bass, pike, sailfish, marlin, swordfish, catfish, walleye, snook and redfish. Examples of panfish that are available to anglers in the United States include rock bass, crappies, sunfish and perch.

All anglers in the USA, and most people who have any contact with anglers, will be aware that the Large and Smallmouth Bass are amongst the most popular fish species in America today. The largemouth bass was at one time mostly localised to the eastern United States, but can now be found throughout the country in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, creeks, swamps and ponds. The smallmouth bass can also be found throughout the United States.

Trout are also highly popular game fish in North America, and throughout the world. Their popularity stems from their widespread distribution and also as a result of their potential for growth. Trout weighing more than fifty pounds have been recorded and these spirited game fish are fun to catch and to land. Subspecies of trout which can be found in the USA include rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat, lake and brook trout.

Another highly popular game fish in North America is the Salmon. These beautiful fish can be caught inland or offshore, depending on the time of year. Salmon can grow to prodigious sizes and can be tricky to land, providing a great challenge for both novice and experienced anglers. Subspecies that can be found in the United States include pink salmon, coho, sockeye and Pacific and Atlantic salmon. The salmon runs in Alaska are particularly famous, and draw anglers from all over the USA and abroad.

The giant of freshwater fishing however is the catfish, which is another species of fish that is widespread in the United States. Although larger catfish can be found in Europe, those in North America reach a healthy size, coming in at 100 pounds or more. The catfish is a highly versatile species with a number of subspecies, many of which can be found in inland waterways throughout the US.

As far as saltwater fishing is concerned, most large game fish can be found on the east coast, where the Gulf Stream helps to heat the water. On the west coast most large game fishing is limited to the California area. The tuna is a very popular large saltwater game fish. Tuna meat is the most popular fish meat in America and the commercial tuna fishing industry in America is very large. Bluefin tuna are especially popular, and can be found all along the eastern coast of the United States, from the Gulf of Mexico to Newfoundland. Other big game saltwater fish that can be targeted by recreational anglers include Marlin which come in two subspecies, blue and white, and sailfish. Some other popular game fish off the coast of the United States include snapper and halibut.

On this site each of the fifty states will have articles on its most popular fish, including location, tackle, bait and seasonal information. If you have a particular species of game fish in mind you will therefore be able to match it to a location of your preference. Alternatively if you have already picked your next fishing destination, with this site you will already know which fish species you can hope to target and what equipment you will require, making it easy for you to plan a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.