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USA Destinations

United StatesThe United States of America is a vast and expansive section of North America. Almost every type of climate and environment imaginable can be encountered when traversing this nation. Surrounded on two sides by two great oceans, and interlaced by thousands of rivers and millions of lakes, there is an incredible wealth of both freshwater and saltwater fish to be found throughout the country, and in each and every state.

There are thousands of rivers and hundreds of lakes in the United States, along with 12,248 miles of coastline, innumerable creeks, reservoirs and ponds, all of which are potential fishing places. Despite what many people may think, the United States of America has more land classified as wilderness than the continent of Africa. Within this vast area of unspoilt landscape a large and varied range of animals, plants and fish can be found, making the US a wonderful location for anglers of any type.

On this site you will find articles on the most popular fish in each state, including offshore species. There are over 13 million recreational saltwater anglers in the United States, which speaks volumes for the quality of fishing and the fishing facilities available in the country. Along the Atlantic coastline of the United States there is a selection of game fish, both large and small, and each state with a border onto the Atlantic can boast excellent boat, shore, rock and surf fishing. Fish such as snapper, tuna, grouper and sharks can be caught all along the Gulf Coast and further northwards. Many of the eastern coast states, such as Alabama, have dedicated reef building programs that help to maintain and increase fish populations in this area.  For more detailed information, see our Fishing by State section.

The Northwest coast of the United States is known for big game fish, such as tuna, halibut and king salmon. Here the North Pacific provides some of the best game fishing in the world, especially at peak seasonal times. North Pacific fishing is a challenge for any angler and the region attracts thousands of visiting recreational anglers each year. Salmon fishing is also abundant further south along the Pacific coast, off states such as California and Washington.

Inland there is a variety of fishing places to choose from. The United States has many great rivers, which provide some of the best recreational angling opportunities in the world. Each of the large rivers in America, such as the Mississippi and the Missouri, are home to a variety of species of game fish. A variety of fishing techniques, such as fly fishing, bank fishing, boat fishing etc. can be used on such rivers with an excellent chance of success. Each state also possesses a huge amount of smaller rivers, lakes, creeks, reservoirs and ponds. Many of these rivers and lakes are especially known for their fishing. In fact some lakes and rivers will be particularly abundant in a certain species of fish, and will have a reputation for turning out good sized specimens. This site will provide you with the names of the prominent fishing places in each state, along with information on species, fishing techniques and location.