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Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Bass Fishing at Lake Okeechobee Palm Beach

Amazing Tips to Make the Most of Bass Fishing at Lake Okeechobee Palm Beach

It may not be wrong to say that the reason for Florida getting the fame as the fishing capital of the world is Lake Okeechobee! This is an iconic largemouth bass fishery and expands over more than 730 sq. miles, brimming with the world-famous freshwater bass for fishing.

Is there any way to find the fish with such high-quality, diverse habitat on such a huge water body? Yes, it’s with a truly fast boat!

These bass boats have outboard engines with as large as 350 horsepower of power and can attain top speeds of 75 mph or even more. They run like a plane and you almost fly to the areas that hold North America’s strongest and most explosive warm-water game fish. You may even grab rewards for your lunker or just for taking part in the TrophyCatch program at the Palm Beach fishing at Lake Okeechobee.

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing

You may take your own boat for bass fishing on Palm Beach. But it’s recommended to take a guide with you. Big bass cannot resist live wild shiners. However, if you are planning to use artificial lures or fly fish, make your captain aware of it beforehand.

Best Time

Spring is the best time to catch bass, because fish move into shallow water during this time to spawn. Spawning may take place as early as in January or as late as May, but March and April are the peak months. So, this is the time when most large bass are caught this time. Most large females return to offshore areas after spawning.

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A golden shiner is the best live bait, fished under a float or free-lined. Usually, you have to hook the shiner through the back or lips with a big hook, 2/0 to 5/0. 14- to 20-pound test line and a medium to medium-heavy rod are preferred while fishing in regions with thick vegetation or cover.

Among artificial bait, plastic worm is the most reliable one. The most effective is a weedless “Texas- or Carolina-rigged” worm for bass fishing at Palm Beach in an area with heavy plant cover. These worms are available in a range of scents and colors, and bass may love certain kinds as per light conditions. Therefore, keep both light and dark colored worms ready and also make sure you have many sizes of tapered worm weighing from 1/8 to one ounce. ‘Red shad’ or purple ‘metalflake’ worms with twirly-tails are very popular. Even plastic lizards can be effective.

Most plastic worms are used slowly through cover or along the bottom by lifting the rod tip a few feet, and then letting the worm sink. You should keep the line fairly tight so as to feel the strike. Usually, an angler will feel bass ‘tapping’ the worm lightly once or twice. By lowering the rod tip and waiting only till the slack is out of the line prior to setting the hook, anglers can greatly reduce the risk of injury to the fish because of deep hooking.

With thick underwater vegetation and active bass, ‘jerk worms’ can work excellently. Rigged with no sinkers, these worms are jigged swiftly over vegetation, with short pauses to allow the worm to sink slowly. An instant hook set is advisable because bass hit these baits hard.

In spring, spinnerbaits are excellent, often fished slowly around the cover and drop-offs. If slow retrieve doesn’t work, try ‘buzzing’ i.e. rapidly retrieving the spinnerbait so the blades ripple the surface.

Topwater baits are enchanting to fish since you can watch the strike. Topwater plugs that simulate wounded baitfish may be used to attract bass.

Use these techniques and make the most of your bass fishing at the exciting destination like Lake Okeechobee Palm Beach.

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