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Rainbow Trout Fishing in Wyoming

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Wyoming

Wyoming offers many attractive fishing sites that are visited by many anglers all year around. The rainbow trout like other types of trout are widely fished in Wyoming as they are very largely populated and most important hatchery fish in the state. Wyoming offers many great accommodation options as well as many different fishing options, experienced fishing guides and other services. The Wyoming Department of Fish and Game issues fishing licences both daily and annually for those who would like to fish in Wyoming. According to the rules rainbow trout can be fished all year around.


The rainbow trout is a well-known speciesof the salmon trout family. Unlike other types of trout the rainbow trout are great fighters because when they are hooked they jump out of water a lot. It is native to North America and has been largely introduced to Wyoming. The rainbow trout has a light silvery grey colour and they have son dark green on the back and on the sides. They have pink lateral stripes on the sides and they have small dark sports sprinkled all over their skin. They have a slightly white coloured belly.

The rainbow trout has a mouth that has a mixture of black and grey colours. The main physical features of rainbow trout are as follows; a mean length of 12 – 18 inches with a weight around 5 – 9 pounds. It has another great physical advantage which is that they can accelerate in one second which makes them preferable for sports fishing.


The rainbow trout is a fast fish that generally prefers the swift runs and riffle areas of streams. They could sometimes be found in small creeks and also in suitable spots in large rivers, lakes, reservoirs and so on. They prefer cold and clean waters with high oxygen amounts. The rainbow trout, due to their physical characteristics are the least acid tolerant trout and for this reason they prefer slightly alkali waters. They live in lakes and they could also be found in oceans. The Burnt Lake in Wyoming has the state record for rainbow trout so it is one of the ideal locations to fish for rainbow trout in Wyoming as well as Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Green River in the southwest, in the northwestYellowstone Lake and Jackson Lake, the North Platte River near Casper and the Bridger Wilderness in the west-central part of Wyoming.


There are many different ways to fish for rainbow trout in Wyoming.The rainbow trout due to its well respond to hatchery culture has been introduced for sports fishing all around the world. They feed on fish, plankton, snails, worms, fish eggs etc. and take many dry flies, baits and lures of anglers. The rainbow trout fishing varies according to the season and the size of the trout the angler prefers to catch. Light rods, light line and light reels are a must have if you are going for trout fishing.

The rainbow trout usually feed in the morning on the surface while the water is still cool about 18 degrees. They also prefer the streams that have high current and fallen trees, rocks and etc. and for this reason bait fishing is a suitable type for the rainbow trout. Considering the reduced active feeding due to the cold waters the fishers should keep the feed close to the fish.

If you are one of the fly fishing fans then you should make sure that you have the softest setting on your reel due to the instant acceleration of the rainbow trout.This type of fishing rainbow trout is very ideal because it highly prefers flies.

Another must know information is that the anglers should take the time of the day and temperature into consideration. This is because if the sun is directly on the water the rainbow will be lower due to heat and the angler will be using sinking flies to catch the rainbow trout.

Ice fishing is another option to catch rainbow trout for winter season. Again when fishing for rainbow trout try to choose early morning hours because that is the time when the rainbow trout prefers to feed.