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Walleye Fishing in Wyoming

Walleye Fishing in Wyoming


The walleye fish is native to almost every part of Canada and North of the United States. The walleye fish has a contrast of gold and olive green coloured skin and the belly of this fish is white. This fish has very sharp teeth. They have large eyes and this enable them to easily find their prey in both clear and unclear waters makes it easier for them to capture things. The length of an adult walleye may vary around 12 to 32 inches and the weight can vary around 1 pound to 12 pounds.


The walleye fish prefers cloudy waters and generally found in large and shallow lakes, rivers, streams that can protect this fish from dangerous lights and also have slight current.  This fish needs protection from sun light and for this reason they prefer icy, snowy, cloudy lakes with logs and other things to shield themselves. Also the water this fish prefers should be cold as well having a low clarity. Mountain streams are perfectly ideal habitat for walleye also they are usually found in rocky, sandy, vegetation, sediment bottoms.


If you decide to fish for walleye in clear water lakes, rivers, streams etc. that you should know that this fish, in order to protect itself from sun light sinks to the bottom of the water. However this does not mean that they stay underwater all day long. The walleye prefers oxygenated water and for this reason they will be moving around at the bottom constantly. Walleye prefers bottom of the waters just to avoid warmth from sun and sunlight and also may move to find food.Best time to fish for walleye is their feeding time which is generally night and early morning time. Night and dusk are the best time to fish for walleye.

If you choose to fish in unclear waters than you have a higher chance to catch walleye because in unclear waters they are more active during the day because the unclear water protects them from sun light. Also low light day is one of the most important tips to take into consideration when fishing for walleye.

This fish, when young feed on aquatic flies, worms etc. and when it reaches about five cm in length, they start to feed on other small fishes and when an adult it feed on other fishes almost all their life becomes.

In Wyoming Alcova Reservoir, Bighorn Lake, Boysen Reservoir, Glendo, Keyhole, Grayrocks, Guemsey Reservoirs, Ocean Lake and many other places are ideal to fish for Walleye. You can fish for walleye in Wyoming all year around however baits and time of fishing varies according to the season. For instance if you prefer to fish in winter you should use plastic worms, small jigs etc. to be successful and use shallow and medium depth areas. Last interesting information on Walleye is that In Wyoming the record for this fish is 17 pounds.

Wyoming is perfectly ideal to fish for Walleye and if you are new there are professional guides to help you learn to fish for this great fish.