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Camping Kettle – A Great Tool for a Great Fishing Trip

Camping Kettle – A Great Tool for a Great Fishing Trip

As a passionate angler, do you enjoy cooking your catch on firewood? I think there is something in everyone that loves that. However, it’s not feasible to build a fire every time. But there is a solution available in the form of a camping kettle. Let’s see how.

How does a Camping Kettle Work?

A camping kettle is a real lifesaver in the wilderness when you are sitting beside a river catching fish for the whole day and now want to enjoy your catch cooked on fire. This is because, camping kettles don’t need a large amount of combustible material, but you can use only a small amount of twigs, pine cones, dried grass etc. A camping kettle works like a chimney with a fire lit at its base and hot flames traveling up the chimney. The walls of the chimney have water stored in them which gets hot with the chimney.

Using a Camping Kettle is Fun

While being on a fishing trip, using a camping kettle is sheer fun. It saves a lot of fuel and gives you fresh hot water without having to carry a flask or gas stove. You can also use it to boil the river or stream water to kill harmful bacteria. A camping kettle can boil water just within 4 minutes.

ghillie kettle hard anodised

Using a Camping Kettle

Fill your camping kettle with water but take care of not to overfill it to prevent water from boiling over. Even don’t put in cork or rubber bung back as it could lead to exploding of the kettle with the expansion of water into steam.

Make a small fire in the fire bowl at the base of the kettle. For making the fire, you can use any type of tinder such as birch bark, dried grass or leaves and even newspaper.

Make sure that the hole in the fire bowl is positioned so as to point into wind.

You can first light the fire and then place the kettle over the bowl or first place the kettle over the bowl and then light fire through the hole. The first method is more convenient in normal cases, while the second method is more convenient in windy conditions.

You can keep adding small twigs and other tinder down the chimney.

Besides boiling water for you, the camping kettle offers heat in frosty conditions, especially during ice fishing.

After the water is boiled enough, you can pour it using the handle and chain. Any surplus water can be utilized to ensure that the fire is out.

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