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Thurston Lakes Full of Trout

Thurston Lakes Full of Trout

Washingtonians are waiting for 27th April, the opening day of statewide lowland lake fishing season. The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department have made apt preparation for the day and have stocked local waterholes with trout for Thurston County angling enthusiasts.

Trout fishing is America’s most popular outdoor recreation. A variety of freshwater habitats around the country abound in fish. But according to the District Fish Biologist for Thurston and Pierce Counties, Larry Philips, the regions have more opening day lakes than any other area in the state. The region has many fishing opportunities though there are private docks. They are in form of public piers, boat launches and more shore access to the lakes to angle from. Philips observes that there are around 100 fish per acre within lakes which offer more chances for a successful fishing excursion. And this is the beauty of trout fishing and the opening day. The department has spread out plenty of fish in high density so that people can get success, especially children.

Philips further observes that Thurston-Pierce Counties have the lowest angling participation rate in Washington, though they have more opening day lakes than anywhere else in the state. The department is glad to make all the information available online about where to fish, types of fish in each lake and the setting of every area at

The site provides information about species available in lakes, location of a good boat ramp, good time to go fishing, etc. This will be of help to people who are not comfortable with taking children for fishing or may not have good experience of trout fishing. Long’s Pond (Woodland Creek Community Park), St. Claire Lake (5 miles northwest of Yelm),  Long Lake (east of Olympia), Deep Lake (Millersylvania State Park), McIntosh Lake (east of Tonino) and many others are perfect for fishing, Philips told.

With this Philips has expressed hope that this season, participation of people will increase.