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4 Important Things to Consider for Buying a Perfect Fishing Rod Bag

4 Important Things to Consider for Buying a Perfect Fishing Rod Bag

Anglers spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality fishing gear. There is nothing wrong in this. After all, if you want to take the true pleasure of fishing, you need a top-class tackle. However, it’s really surprising that not many anglers think of storing their expensive gear in a safe place like a fishing rod bag or sac. While a fishing rod is certainly very powerful when it comes to playing a fish, once its fishing job is over, it’s a very fragile object and needs proper protection. Promise your fishing rod that you’d keep it safe in a bag. We are here to guide you what kind of bag you should buy for your precious tackle.

For Fly Fishermen

Well, a fishing rod bag should be chosen primarily depending on what kind of angler you are. Fly fishermen are great culprits to carry naked rods. Fly fishing has been around for such a long time and in the olden days, fly fishermen carried rods naked because in those days lightweight materials didn’t exist. But these days, fly fishermen can’t skip keeping their expensive rod safe inside a bag.

A bag that can store multiple (at least two) rods as well as reel are available today for just a little more than $25. Any fly fisherman would have to spend more than $55 to replace their backing and leader. Hence they don’t have to complain about the cost of a fishing rod bag which will keep their gear safe for use for years to come.

For Freshwater Fishermen

Previously freshwater anglers preferred to carry their fishing gear broken down and then assemble it once they reached their fishing spots. However, nowadays they prefer to carry everything already set up and hence fishing rod bags also have changed.

For example, today you can get a fishing rod bag designed to carry two fully assembled rods, along with reels. What’s more, you may also get additional zipper pockets, padded reel sections, web handles, padded shoulder straps as well as internal socks. Isn’t this more convenient than carrying your tackle naked all the way?

Bigger Fishing Rod Bags

You may need a bigger fishing rod bag if you wish to carry more than two rods. But you may wonder how you can fit many rods in one bag. However, you don’t need to do that. You can get bags in which you can actually fit the rods on the outside. This way you can carry as many as 5 fully assembled rods. However, this bag has a slight drawback that it doesn’t offer the protection to the rods that is offered by a bag that stores the rods internally. This type of bag has an inner compartment though where you can store extra reels, equipment, tackle etc.

At “Its Fishing Time” you get all types of fishing tackle bags which are premium quality, with countless designs to meet all your storage needs, and made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Don’t forget to browse this website while shopping for fishing rod bags.

Hard Bags

All the above-mentioned bags are made of soft materials. But if you want absolute protection for your fishing rods and other gear, you can choose to have hard bags. These are much costlier though; but if you consider that it has to protect your $500 rod, you may find their cost reasonable.

The hard fishing rod bags are generally like tubes or telescopic rod cases, and they are also better for overall protection of your rods than keeping them stray in your garage. These cases are totally padded from inside; so, you can imagine they not only offer protection against outside impact but also protect rods from rattling around inside the bag.

You can even get bulletproof fishing tackle bags. They are a bit small and you have to break the rods to store them in.

All in all, it’s time buy a secure home for your fishing tackle. Have you started shopping already?