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4 Factors to Consider to Get the Right Boilies

4 Factors to Consider to Get the Right Boilies

There are good reasons why boilies are getting increasing popularity among carp fishing enthusiasts. They are so popular because they not only allow anglers to easily trick those smart inhabitants of the waters, but also have an impressive size. Plus they are not only useful for beginners but also for pro anglers.

Boilies are number one bait for carp fishing and you can get them in a wide range of colors and flavors. If you are still unaware about what boilies are, they are baits made of boiled paste of a combination of milk proteins, fishmeals, soya flour, bird foods, semolina, and additional flavorings and other attractors. As a binding agent, eggs are added to this mixture, and the mixture is then boiled to form a hard bait.

Due to their hard outer skin, the boilies can be left in the water for prolonged periods and are unaffected by smaller nuisance species. However, with so many boilies available, it’s important to know what you should consider before buying.

1. Size

Boilies come in various sizes from 10mm to 24mm and more. But those of the size 14mm-16mm are the most commonly used. If a lot of boilies of one particular size are used in your area, the carp may become wise about them. In such a condition, it’s advisable to use boilies of a totally different size.

2. Shape and Colors

Majority of boilies are round-shaped. So, again, worried fish can wise up to this. In such a situation, square boilies can improve your results. Regarding colors, there are boilies present virtually in any color that you may think of. The most commonly used are dull, muted shades; however, bright fluoro popup boilies are great for stopping fish in their tracks.

square boilies

3. Buoyancy

Boilies come as pop-ups, bottom baits and wafters. A pop-up boilie can ensure your hookbait can be easily found by fish even in light weed or debris, while bottom baits are perfect for a firm clean lakebed. Wafters are in between popups and bottom baits, and are just buoyant enough to balance the hook’s weight. This leads to a critically balanced setup that can be gulped with least effort.

4. Frozen and Shelf Life

Frozen boilies are frozen just after being rolled with fresh components and consist of a few preservatives. Shelf life boilies, usually known as readymade boilies, are widely popular due to their convenience. While frozen boilies can go off after around a week of being thawed out, shelf life boilies last much longer if the bag is sealed right after the session.

So, when are you ordering those awesome boilies?