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7 Great Tips to Make the Most of a Fishing Charter

7 Great Tips to Make the Most of a Fishing Charter

If you are planning to go for a deep sea fishing charter, but haven’t yet experienced the adventure, you might have been imagining it as you might have seen it in TV shows like Shark Men or Deadliest Catch. However, your day on the water will be much more soothing than you imagine. Here are some tips for your deep sea fishing charter.

1. Find a Perfect Spot for Your Gear

When you get on the boat, find an appropriate spot for storing your gear. If you place it directly on the deck, it will come in the way of the crew and other anglers. Plus, the deck keeps on getting wet and so, your gear may be damaged.

2. Get a Bag from the Crew

Get yourself introduced to the crew and remember their names. They will ask if you want a bag for your catch and you should say “yes”; it costs only a dollar or two. The bag will have a number which you should remember because when you’ll catch fish, a deckhand will help you out to get it off the hook and will ask you which bag to put it in.

3. Enter the Jackpot Competition

It’s up to you whether to enter the competition or not. Often the fee is $5 or $10. You win jackpot if you catch the biggest fish. Normally, experienced anglers catch more fish; however, anyone may be lucky to catch the big fish.

4. Listen to the Captain

Once the boat starts, the captain will speak to you, either by coming on the deck or over the intercom. Listen to his instructions carefully. He’ll tell you where the safety equipment has been stored, will give you an overall idea of the day ahead and how to rig up. If you don’t get all the instructions, don’t hesitate to ask.

5. Duration

If it’s a one-day trip or less, it will usually take from 30 minutes to an hour to reach the actual fishing grounds. Meanwhile, a deckhand will set up your rental gear and give you a quick tutorial of using it, which you should learn attentively.

6. After Reaching Fishing Grounds

Stay calm. Get to an open spot on the rail and wait until the captain tells you the time to drop lines. If you drop line early before the boat is still settling in, you will either have to reel in and reset or get tangled up. So, be patient.

7. Finding Fishing Charters

If you are finding it difficult to find a fishing charter, local or any other place where you are holidaying, visit High Hook Fishing Charter Directory, where you will get fishing charters at any place in the world you want. They also offer bookings of fishing charters. So, find the right fishing charter and have great fun!