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Bass Fishing in November

Bass Fishing in November

November is almost there and most fishers don’t look forward to it. However, you can catch some really big fish in this month if you fish in warmer weather fisheries. To be honest, bigger bass can be found in shallow water into the nasty, thick and icky grass. So, if you are patient enough to fish slowly and methodically, there is a great chance to put some trophy fish in your boat, captain! In fact, there are some old beliefs coming into play in November. They say that in this time of year, big bass start preparing for the spawn. By feeding they are preparing for upcoming spawn before becoming dormant in the coldest season, winter.

So, here’s the catching part. The bigger fish usually move to really shallow water, less than a foot deep, they are looking for the easy prey bait to feed themselves for several hours until they become completely stuffed. This regime is on until the cold winter weather sets in. So, apart from the spawn, November is the only month in year when the bigger fish move so shallow and they do it only to prepare for the upcoming spawn and to get ready for the cold winter season.

This gives you a chance to get a traditional rat or hollow belly frog out and to look for these areas. Then, try working it slowly over the nasty, thick and icky area and you’ll find big fish females while they are preparing for up-coming cold season and the spawn. You are likely to catch a trophy bass, of course, if you are experienced and skilled enough. The truth is, you are likely to catch a stringer of more than 25 pound, so some big tournament rewards are possible to be reaped.

There are a plethora of techniques and ways to get this trophy bite if you hit these shallow waters. Rat, fluke, buzz or swim bait, as well as other similar baits will work. So, pick the one that you prefer, be patient, fish slowly and stay alert… Your trophy fish might be the next blow-up!