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Great Tips to Maximize Your Catch during Panfish Fishing

Great Tips to Maximize Your Catch during Panfish Fishing

Panfish are anglers’ favorites. No matter what you call them, whether bluegills, sunfish, perch, bream or even slab crappie, panfish are available to you widely in rural as well as urban areas. They make your entryway to the fun fishing world since many anglers start fishing catching one of these species in their local water body.

However, catching panfish too requires efforts, skills, experience and right equipment. You have to tweak, visit again and scale down a few of the basic tricks for big catches.

Before you set up your tackle, you will have to understand your fish and your water. What are you aiming at? Crappies, gills, or even maybe a tiny perch or bass? Whatever it is, focus on only one species and study its favorite habitat and behaviors. Are you fishing on an old quarry or a reservoir? Or is it an urban pond with manmade cement structures? Or it is a clear farm pond? All these water bodies have different areas that carry fish and one urban pond may not be the same as another urban pond. Studying about their clues and unique features will take you to the right techniques and baits to experiment. It’s wonderful to follow panfish across the season and they will teach you plenty about the water.

Panfish Biology

Learning about panfish biology is important too because that will teach you their eating habits and habitats to maximize your catch. There is the small stuff at the bottom and all along the available structure of the pan-sized food chain. These spots are favorites of grubs, shrimps, wiggly critters and aquatic insects. Rocky bottoms and these structures are a good combination to get minnows suspending loose, which is also an important site to look for while chasing fish.

The minnows are baits and fish follow the baits. Panfish gather near their food, since as these areas are nice to hide from predators too. Look for spots like little dumps of wood or rubble, drop offs or along a dam.

Learning about these areas will help you catch panfish in the tough summer heat. Summer is the prime time for panfish to school up and go deep.

This is also an important time to switch from soft grub to some hard-bodied bait. To attract bigger gills, slightly bigger jigs and baits are better. Panfish indeed need to eat and plugs that have great movement attract them.

Follow these tips and you can maximize your catch to get tasty treats for everyone home!