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The Best Walleye Fishing in Various Seasons

The Best Walleye Fishing in Various Seasons

Walleye are one of the most popular freshwater recreational fish in the US and Canada. This is a very delicious fish with a mild taste and so, is a favorite of fish-lovers. However, it can be a very difficult fish to catch for novice anglers because it’s active only during particular times and conditions. So, you should focus on those periods for good walleye fishing.

Which is the Best Time of the Day for Walleye Fishing?

You can expect in general for walleye to bite the best from around a half hour before sunrise to a few hours after. In the evening or night, they bite best from a few hours before sunset to just after total darkness. Such lower light periods are excellent walleye feeding times.

Foul Weather is Favorable for Walleye Anglers

Walleye is famous as a foul weather fish since they are the most likely to bite when weather conditions are unfavorable to the angler. Thus the worse the weather conditions, the better will be walleye fishing. The days when most other anglers find weather too bad to fish are the days when walleye anglers prefer to fish.

High Winds

High winds usually produce choppy conditions on a lake. Although this may not be the most preferred fishing condition for most anglers, it is the condition when maximum walleye can be caught.


Walleye fishing in the rain, snow and hail is the best unlike other species. In fact, these conditions are ideal for catching walleye and other similar fish.

Cloudy Conditions

When conditions are cloudy and dark, walleye sometimes feed for the entire day since they get confused by the low light conditions. This means that you can fish the best in such conditions.

Peak Seasons for Walleye – Spring and Fall

April, May, September and October i.e. spring and fall are perfect times of the year to catch walleye in most places in the US and Canada. Their breeding time is spring and they also feed heavily to fight the shortage of food during winter months. In the late fall, they try to build fat stores they need to survive during the winter; so, this is their intense feeding period. Also, weather conditions in spring and fall are usually cloudy, producing low light conditions which walleye love a lot.

Worst Season for Walleye – Summer

Summer is the slowest walleye fishing period because the bright sun and heat make walleye get deeper in the water and bite less aggressively.

So, are you ready with your baitcasting rod for a great walleye fishing trip?