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Fishing License – A Great Way to Protect Fisheries while Fishing

Fishing License – A Great Way to Protect Fisheries while Fishing

The United States of America is blessed with so many natural resources; one of its major resources is its great water bodies that are rich with a plethora of fishes and provide great fishing opportunities. A main reason why these waters have a wealth of fishes is that they are carefully maintained and there are strict regulations and requirements for those who want to fish. Fishing license is an important requirement while fishing in any state of the US.

Fortunately, however, getting a fishing license is not a complicated process. You just have to understand which fishing license you’ll need, apply for it, get it and start enjoying fishing. If you’re wondering if can you buy a fishing license at Walmart, the good news is that you can buy one. You may find it interesting to know more about the fishing license.

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Why Should You Buy a Fishing License?

  • A fishing license is a legal permission to your hobby and allows you to enjoy fishing without breaking any rules and regulations.
  • When you buy and use a fishing license, you protect, preserve and enhance the sport of fishing, not only today, but for generations to come.
  • By using a fishing license you contribute to state conservation programs such as habitat protection, fisheries management and fishing education.
  • You can easily buy a fishing license online. Acquiring one is not at all difficult. Some states offer low-price or even free fishing licenses.
  • You can use your fishing license at so many places such as streams, rivers, freshwater reservoirs and public fishing lakes.
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Types of Fishing Licenses

Freshwater License

As mentioned earlier, the US is rich with numerous water bodies which consist of freshwater as well as saltwater. As per a freshwater fishing license, you are allowed to fish only in freshwater areas.

Saltwater License

This one allows you to fish only in the saltwater areas.

Shellfish/Seaweed License

This type of license allows you to harvest shellfish such as mussels, oysters, sea cucumbers, shrimp, clams, crabs, squid and seaweed.

Combination License

hen you want to fish in an area where there are freshwater as well as saltwater bodies, and an abundance of seaweed and shellfish, it’s better to buy a combination license, which allows you to fish in both these areas as well as harvest shellfish and seaweed.

License for a Particular Period

Various states allot short term, e.g. 1-3 day and long term, e.g. annual license or lifetime license, so that anglers can fish during that period.

License for Specific Fish Types

Some states have fish species that are very rare or valuable. In these states, anglers cannot fish these species unless they have a license to catch those particular species.

Fishing License for Special Needs

There are some people who have special needs, e.g. disabled, seniors, armed forces officers, honorably discharged veterans and so on. These people can apply for a special fishing license as per their requirement.

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How to Buy a Fishing License?

Fortunately, each US state has its own governmental website of fishery department, on which there is a detailed description of where you can buy a fishing license, types of licenses available, fishing regulations, age requirements and options for fishing license online. There are many other websites too which provide such information. What’s more, you can buy a fishing license at Walmart too. You just have to choose which type of license you want according to your need, the state you’d be visiting, your age and other preferences and criteria applicable to you.

You should also note that different states have different dates to put fishing licenses on sale. Even the expiry dates of their licenses are fixed. You should keep an eye on such dates so as to get your hands on the license on right time.

So, have you realized the importance of a fishing license and started looking for buying one?