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Costa Rica Fishing Information

Costa Rica Fishing Information

Fueled by mesmerizing nature, rich culture and unparalleled energy, Costa Rica provides the perfect setting for relaxation, excitement, adventure and, of course, fishing! Calm waters and unusually short rides to the top fishing grounds promise top-notch big-game fishing experience. Fresh or salt water species, it’s up to you because Costa Rica offers both!

Costa Rica is one of those spots that both fishermen and non-fishermen can enjoy. Although it’s a relatively small country, it provides both salt and fresh water fishing in the same visit due to the short distances between completely different fishing destinations. It has everything you need for water attractions: hundreds of rivers, breathtaking lakes and two oceans. No matter if you’re a pro or a novice, in Costa Rica you’ll have a memorable fishing experience. And, even more important, your non-fishing family members will be able to explore and enjoy the country as well.

Central Pacific Coast – The angling center on the Central Pacific coast is Quepos, with professionally equipped large and smaller boats for offshore and inshore fishing in the area. The best months for fishing here are from November to March and the species this region is best known for are roosterfish, big cubera and wahoo.

Northern Pacific Coast – This is the country’s most popular destination when it comes to tourism, because of the stunning beaches and high-end all-inclusive resorts. When it comes to fishing, you should definitely come here in May or September for the best angling experience.

South Pacific Coast – The fishing center of this region is Golfito, with most of the fishing lodges located there. Here, you can book fishing vacation packages with lodging, meals and an open bar or you could book day charters.

Caribbean Coast – The best places for fishing along Caribbean coast of Costa Rica are Barra del Colorado and Tortuguero. In this region, fishing can vary more from one day to another than from season to season. Although weather can change overnight, fish are here year-round. In general, you should avoid rainy season (here it starts about mid-May) and come for tarpon fishing from December to mid-May or snook angling from September to November.

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