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Get Exciting Fishing Trips and Efficient Services at One Place

Get Exciting Fishing Trips and Efficient Services at One Place

Are you a passionate angler and can go to another country to fulfill your passion? If yes, you can get all the necessary help from a fantastic website named This is a portal where experienced anglers, professional guides and outfitters can define their fishing trips, like fishing day tour Iceland or fishing day tour Italy, and sell them in an easy way, whether one is looking for fly fishing for Salmon, Arctic Charr or Trout, or deep sea fishing.

What is Lonely Waters?

Lonely Waters is a brand new portal set up as a kind of peer to peer fishing site, where anglers, angling trip guides, outfitters and fishing charter owners can get an opportunity to help those travelers who don’t know the waters where they are traveling. These travelers can enjoy the ease and comfort of being picked up and taken fishing with all the tackle they need. For example, a business traveler can do a day trip for fishing with the help of these experienced anglers.

varma day tour with Viktor Thorisson

How Does Lonely Waters Work?

For Anglers: Anglers can book their desired fishing trips on Lonely Waters and connect to guides, schedule their dates and pay. The fishing trips by Lonely Waters are utmost comfortable whichever destination you choose.

fly fising in Madrid

For Guides: Guides can create their profile on Lonely Waters where they should upload their photo, describe their level of experience and explain what they can offer. Next they should list their trips, create packages, specify whether the trips are one-day river fishing, half-day trips on a sea charter or weekend trips including lodging. If you are a guide, enlist all types of trips you can offer. Stay in regular touch with Lonely Waters and you will start getting messages from anglers to which you have to respond. You can use the message system of the site or request for direct booking. Upon getting a booking request, authorization is taken via a credit card.

Iceland fishing with Iceland outfitters

On getting a booking request, all contact details are shared whereby you can meet up and take anglers fishing! Lonely Waters completes your account’s transaction on the next payday following your trip.

fly fishing in iceland guide

Trips Available

Though Lonely Waters is a new site, it has an impressive array of fishing trips and still more exciting fishing trips are in the pipeline. Various fishing trips available are Mudshark surf fishing, highland river fishing, mountain fishing, Sean angling from Vogar, San Juan Dam boat fishing trip, deep sea angling trips from Hofsos, fishing day tour Italy like tail water river Sieve-30 minutes trip from Florence and trip to Lake Creek on the Tuscan Mountains, deep sea two hours angling tour, fly fishing from Madrid, and many more.

creek-wine tour from Chianti

Thus whether you are in search of a day trip to escape from the hustle-bustle of the city or a guided tour for many days with lodging or a deep sea fishing charter, Lonely Waters is a place to get it. This website is extremely easy to navigate and you can find something or the other for yourself. They provide a transparent and uncomplicated overview of fishing options, no matter which destination or fishing style you choose.

highland fishing

Visit Lonely Waters and find new destinations, thorough guidance from expert anglers and pleasant experiences.

sea bass fishing from Florence