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4 Best Fly Fishing Flies You Should Take with You on Your Fishing Trip

4 Best Fly Fishing Flies You Should Take with You on Your Fishing Trip

While heading out on the waters for fly fishing, make sure your fly box is full with some of the best flies for fly fishing. You may know that a single perfect fly doesn’t exist, since fish bite on various flies based on the time of the year, depth of water, weather, location, species, color and so on. All in all, limiting yourself on one or two flies will only put you in a loss. Instead it’s better to equip yourself with a range of flies so that you are sure you won’t have to go home empty-handed and disappointed.

1. Wooly Bugger

This is a traditional fly that’s considered the best for catching trout as well as many other cold-water fish. It has a signature pulsating action and if you buy them in various colors and sizes, they can attract many fish species. This fly can be attached to a metal cone head or many strands of tinsel to make look flashier and weightier. However, the unadorned and unweighted version is more popular. Get a variety of Feeder Creek Flies for a successful fishing trip.

2. Parachute Adams

This is a dry versatile fly and is a great choice on rivers all through the world. With its dark body and bright white post, it’s simple to cast as well as to see; thus you can see it in bright sun as well as dim light and it rises soon too. It can imitate a range of small flies including mayflies and can also imitate a Caddis fly. It’s a great choice when there is unpredictability in the feeding of fish or if there is an uncertainty about what they are feeding on if the area is new to you.

3. Pheasant Tail Nymph

This is an ideal fly you should carry. It imitates mayfly, with its slim shape and dark brown coloration and moves fast in water. It’s easy to tie for a beginner since it can be made out of natural materials and kept slender. It’s not flashy, but imitates a wide range of bait species and is known for helping catch hoards of fish.

4. Elk Hair Caddis

This black, gray or tan fly is a perfect pick for turbulent waters. It has a hackle body that lets the fly avoid getting dragged under. It’s an extremely mobile fly, skittering along the surface and forming an attractive movement that is greatly tempting for fish. It looks exactly like caddis trying to escape the surface of water. This fly’s hackle and elk hair wing enables it to bounce along the surface of water rather than becoming waterlogged.

But you can use this fly on calmer waters too because it can catch some significant air before touching down a lightly rippling surface.

So, have you started looking for these flies for your next fly fishing trip?