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How to Spool a Spinning Reel

How to Spool a Spinning Reel

One of the biggest possibilities which open up for many of the anglers comes from fishing with spinning reels. Spinning reels are easy to use and maintain. It is also capable of carrying out smaller presentations and your skills result in more fish caught all throughout the year. It’ll be an enjoyable moment on the water, if you spool the reel properly and maintain your line. One of the common chores is defined to be spooling line onto fishing reels. If it is done improperly and carelessly it can lead to angling ailments such as line twist and poor line release.

Some of the tips must be remembered. One of them is that on spinning and casting reels with line already on them: just strip off the initial 100 odd yards and add a new line with a blood Knot. The abuse from constant casting and catching is received by the front section. It should be replaced at least a few times a season after frequent using up to four or five times.

A line winder or an old fashioned method using a rod can also be followed when you are spooling a line onto a reel. It is highly recommended to pick up a line winder for the task. The models that are seen at the Cabels’s are often easy to use and affordable. One has to refer to its included instructions if one decides on a line winder. The following guide will be for the MacGyver method using only what you have around the house.

Tip: You must soak monofilament in water overnight before you spool it and then get started. This helps to relax the line and reduces memory.

Spinning Reels

  • First, you need to attach the reel to a rod for easy reeling.
  • Secondly, you have to place the supply spool of line on a table or the floor with the label facing up. Then you need to set the rod and reel on a table to make tying knots easier.
    Tip: In case if you’re using braided line, be sure to add a monofilament layer to the spinning reel spool as support to avoid slippage.
  • Thirdly, you have to take the line and thread it through the stripper guide’s top (first one up from the reel seat) on the fishing rod.
  • After this, flip opens the bail on the spinning reel, and you must take a line underneath the bail and wrap it around the spool. With an arbor knot, anchor line to the spool. You need to flip down the bail.
  • Then you need to lift up the reel and rod and begin reeling some feet of line onto the spool. You have to be sure to hold the line between your fingers by the stripper guide and stay taut as you reel. One must stop reeling and examine the line for twist. You should do it by plunging the line towards the supply spool. In case if you notice that the line twists and twines easily, turn the supply spool onto label down before adding more line.
  • Lastly, continue filling the reel with line. Don’t forget to keep 1/8″ of vacant space on the spool and slash the excess.