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Top 4 Tips for an Amazing Kayak Fishing Experience

Top 4 Tips for an Amazing Kayak Fishing Experience

If you have planned to develop a hobby of kayak fishing, it’s a very good decision. Kayak fishing is indeed a charming pastime while you wander on the waters in your sweet little vessel with the blue skies above and the quaint aquatic environment and green shores around. It’s simple and inexpensive too. Here are some tips for beginner kayak anglers that will help you make the most of kayak fishing.

1. Consult Experts


Usually kayakers having 3-4 years of experience don’t consider themselves experts. However if you are a newbie, they may open up a treasure of teachings for you. Consult them for beginners’ tips. Other sources are the various kayak sites and forums where you can get various tips and best fishing kayak reviews. You can even try your local paddle shop. They too can provide wealth of knowledge and insight for paddling techniques and selection.


2. Where to Fish?


Fortunately kayaks are very versatile and so, kayak fishing is not limited to certain areas. Your choice should depend on timeframe, paddling distance and/or your ability. Age is rarely a decisive factor for kayaking.

Rather than paddling farther and fishing harder, fishing smarter can catch more fish. Planning well can compensate for lack of paddling knowledge or time. Make use of a map like Google Earth while deciding your fishing itinerary if you don’t know the route well. Also a circular route can offer you more fishing opportunities.


3. Develop Versatility for Multiple Species


Study the positive and negative impacts on the fish in your area. Consider moon phases, weather, environment and season of the species. Maintain a record of some kind and use it to develop a strategy that can make your fishing trip successful. Surprisingly, kayak fishing is fun even with no catching!


4. Selecting a Kayak


While selecting a kayak, think upon these questions:


  • Where are you planning to fish – freshwater or saltwater? Rivers, ponds, larger lakes, bays or surfs?
  • Which fish will you target? Bluegills or big game fish?
  • Will you fly fish?
  • Or will you do all the above?


Other important considerations are comfortable seating, availability of storage compartments, stability and transporting your kayak. You can get demos at most kayak stores and also they will rent the kayak you are interested in. don’t miss any nearby kayak festivals and shows where you can check and demo a lot of different types of kayaks and can also have a talk to the manufacturer’s reps.

These tips are sure to give you an amazing kayak fishing experience.