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Marinewaze – Get Excellent Devices for an Amazing Fishing Experience

Marinewaze – Get Excellent Devices for an Amazing Fishing Experience

Modern marine electronics has revolutionized today’s fishing and boating so much that an average angler with little to no navigational skills is able to venture deep inside the ocean for fishing or just for a thrilling experience. But if you have thorough knowledge of how to choose the best marine electronics, you can take your experience to an all new level.

Marinewaze is a US-based nationwide retailer of marine electronics and has a range of competitively priced electrical as well electronic products for marine, personal and outdoor adventures and navigation. Plus, they have a range of wholesale marine and recreational electronics and accessories. Here are some of their best products.

Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

This is one of the latest and most affordable models of fishfinders by Garmin in their Striker series. It features the 010-10249-20 transducer and a 4-pin connector. The 50/200 kHz transducer can also be used for scanning higher depths up to 750 feet for saltwater and 1,600 feet for freshwater, and Mid and High CHIRP. Image clarity is enhanced by CHIRP sonar which also offers less clutter, better-defined targets and an enhanced lock to the bottom. The CHIRP also provides a great target separation. The 2D sonar of the unit also offer many useful functions including Fish Symbol ID, Split-Zoom, Auto Gain, Ultrascroll, A-Scope, Flasher and several alarms.

Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder at Marinewaze

Cobra MR HH600W Floating GPS VHF Radio

Definitely a handheld VHF radio is an important safety and communication tool on any vessel venturing out on the water. Fixed radios are important too and when fitted by the navigation table provide a suitable communication location. Nevertheless, in several events, communicating on deck offers a great advantage, especially the ability to both supervise the boat’s location and observe the scene while communicating in safety situations.

Cobra HH-600 is a top-of-the-line model and has some innovative features, like a good display and a chunky waisted body. It sports an orange stripe which makes it easy to spot if lost in the water. Floating and fully waterproofed, it also sports Bluetooth Wireless technology which allows you to make and receive phone calls, so, you can keep your mobile phone safe and dry.

Cobra MR HH600W Floating GPS VHF Radio at Marinewaze

Minn Kota PowerDrive 55 Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is an essential piece of equipment whether you are an angler or simply an adventurer wishing to explore uncharted waters. It can give you the main moving power for a small watercraft that don’t suit the large inboard horsepower motors. Or they can even be your means of sensitive, tight control of the movement of your craft while you fish.

Minn Kota PowerDrive 55 Trolling Motor has a redesigned mount with updated technology, thus you get a more powerful mount and larger brains in a sleeker package. The main feature of this motor is its composite shaft which is stronger than steel. It bends on impact but won’t break, corrode or kink. No wonder, the company offers a lifetime guarantee on it.

Minn Kota PowerDrive 55 Trolling Motor is cooler and quieter than most trolling motors because it has extra-large windings and commutators that dissipate heat and gives cooler operation, longer motor life and extended battery power.

Minn Kota PowerDrive 55 Trolling Motor at Marinewaze

Edson EC3 Elite Carbon 13″ ComfortGrip PowerWheel

The wheel of your boat is its most important part; so, you have to choose the best and Edson EC3 Elite Carbon 13″ ComfortGrip PowerWheel is so. It’s a combination of a classic design and contemporary styling. Made from Marine Grade 316 stainless or cast bronze providing extra strength and durability. The wheel rim has easy-hold finger grip that offers you extreme comfort and accuracy.

This wheel looks great on any boat because of its classic Tri-Spoke design and because of its marine grade stainless material, it keeps shining even in the hardest marine environments. Cast bronze is polished and if not polished, will gain a classic patina over time.

This wheel is meant for cockpits, towers, flybridges and consoles. If you want even greater control, you can install Edson’s popular Pro-Series PowerKnob which it will easily accommodate.

Edson EC3 Elite Carbon 13" ComfortGrip PowerWheel at Marinewaze

Simrad S5100 Module Redefining High-Performance Sonar

If you want a perfect sonar solution for offshore sportfishing, Simrad S5100 Module Redefining High-Performance Sonar is a great choice because it offers simultaneous coverage of up to three different depths at high resolution. It has split-screen viewing capability and offers you a total control of the water column. Moreover, with its advanced processing technology, you can fish with noiseless clarity at every depth range without losing tracking of the bottom depth.


Play with various combinations of transmit power and transducer coverage and you can get wide as well as narrow beam-widths that will allow you to see more fish, including small and tightly spaced fish and recognizing thermoclines. You can also adjust particular CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz so that you can accurately target particular depths generating large, crisp arches with clean target separation.

Simrad S5100 Module Redefining High-Performance Sonar at Marinewaze

Lowrance Elite-9 Ti Combo Transcom Mount Nav+ Chart

The Lowrance Elite-9 Ti is a powerful chartplotter/fishfinder having sophisticated functions but comes with an affordable price tag.

Its navigation is super accurate due to the highly reliable Lowrance navigation technology and built-in C-MAP charts and Elite-9 Ti, it’s super easy too.

With its high-resolution 9-inch touchscreen backlit color display, StuctureScan HD, TotalScan and Low/Med/High CHIRP, it’s an all-in-one transducer that caters your sonar needs too.

It also features integrated wireless Bluetooth connectivity, due to which you can download the software updates straight to the unit and have an updated unit always.

You can also scroll back through your DownScan, SideScan or sonar history to review fish targets or structure and a waypoint allows you to mark the location.

Lowrance Elite-9 Ti Combo Transcom Mount Nav+ Chart at Marinewaze

Samlex Remote Control Inverter/Charger

A remote control for inverters/chargers is an extremely useful device because you can program the battery and inverter charging parameters. Save a criterion on a detachable 16GB SD Card and insert the card in a computer to make adjustments there or transfer it to other EVOTM chargers/inverters.

You can also view activity instantly on the informative 32-character LCD screen like Frequency, Output voltage, Volt Amps, Watts, Amps, Battery Current, Power Factor, Solar Input Current, Battery Voltage and more.

Samlex Remote Control Inverter/Charger at Marinewaze

Lopolight Stern Vertical Mounting Light

Navigation lights are extremely important between sunset and sunrise. In that scenario, LED lights are the best option because they are very bright. Lopolight vertical mounting LED light offers accurate and unique definition of light angles and it is sturdy and unbreakable too, being vibration-proof and waterproof to IP 68+. Its interior is entirely filled and sealed with special potting resin. The specialty of Lopolight is that they test the lights many times during manufacture and so, you get the best product.

These lights are easy to install and the package includes mounting screws and adapter along with a 1.5-meter marine grade cable and an installation guide. These bright white lights will help you a lot in navigation.

Lopolight Stern Vertical Mounting Light at Marinewaze

RAM Mount U-Bolt Mount

This easy to install and easy to use stainless steel RAM U-bolt mount makes it easy to attach to tubing, handlebars or railing and offers you endless opportunities. E.g. its rubber ball and socket technology offers countless adjustments and accurate viewing angles. Plus, it’s made of high-quality materials that your gadget is safe and within an easy reach. Its patented design reduces vibration and shock and so, you can get an increased life for your device. The hardware included in the package accommodates rails ranging between 0.50” and 1” in diameter.

RAM Mount U-Bolt Mount at Marinewaze

NRG Marine Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling System

An ultrasonic antifouling system is extremely useful to prevent fouling, increasing hull performance with higher maneuverability, maintain hull speed and save fuel. The NRG Marine Hull protection system is made with the latest digital electronics as well as Ultrasonic transducer technology, by generating multiple spurts of ultra-sonic energy at the same time in a range of frequencies. Due to this energy, a pattern of alternating negative and positive pressure is generated due to which microscopic bubbles are created during the negative pressure production and crashes them during positive pressure. This phenomenon is called cavitation. Due to this, a micro-jet action is created due to which a cleaning effect is produced on the hull surface and also single-cell organisms like algae are destroyed. Due to the destruction of algae, the growth of other marine life feeding on algae is also inhibited and your hull is protected in an excellent way.

NRG Marine Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling System at Marinewaze

Furuno Depth/Speed/Wind Package

The Furuno F170 series is developed to fulfill the requirements of power boaters as well as sail boaters. The F170DSW is useful to boaters who want an economical solution to know water depth, wind speed, vessel speed as well as direction.

The package includes Wind Sensor, Digital Depth/Speed/Temp sensor and Digital Data Displays, along with IF-NMEAFI Analog to NMEA2000data converter and also FI5002 Junction Box for full compatibility and easy installation together with other navigation equipment. You can use these instruments alone or with your NavNet system and they will offer you functionality as well as beauty.

Furuno Depth/Speed/Wind Package at Marinewaze

All in all, marine supplies store, Marinewaze, has everything you need for an amazing fishing experience. You can contact them at:

Phone: 1 800-201-1221


Address: 45 Bay 28TH street # B6 (4,775.40 mi) Brooklyn, New York 11214